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Best VPN for Nintendo Switch – Easily Set up a VPN on Nintendo Switch

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PUREVPNPrivacy & SecurityBest VPN for Nintendo Switch – Easily Set up a VPN on Nintendo Switch

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the popular Nintendo Switch. The hybrid video game console allows you to play all kinds of classic and new games with or against players from across the world.

However, you’re bound to come across lag due to overcrowded servers, which is not only frustrating but can also ruin your chances of winning. Furthermore, if you’re living in countries like the United States, you’ll notice the prices for new games are always too steep.

But what if we told you that a Virtual Private Network can help you minimize lag, get you the best deals on new games, and more? Yes! A VPN takes your Nintendo Switch experience to a whole new level. Read on to learn the benefits of using a Nintendo Switch VPN and the steps to set one up:

Why Do You Need a Nintendo Switch VPN?

Here’s why you should use a VPN on Nintendo Switch:

To Reduce Lag in Multiplayer Games

Nintendo Switch Online has crossed 15 million users as of January 2020, and we can bet millions of more people have since joined as a result of, well, 2020, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that gamers sometimes face lag issues on congested servers. Fortunately, you can solve these lag problems with a VPN.

With a worldwide network at your disposal, you can connect to and play on less crowded servers. This allows you to sail past that congestion and enjoy faster uploading times for more competitive and fair multiplayer gameplay.

To Protect Yourself Against DDoS Attacks

As you might know already, DDoS attacks are rampant in online gaming platforms. In 2019, 35.92% of the attacks were aimed at gaming companies. The good news is a VPN can protect your device from becoming a part of a botnet.

VPNs keep your online privacy and security intact by masking your Internet Protocol (IP) address and safeguarding all traffic using bank-grade encryption. The result? DDoSers and other malicious actors won’t be able to do you any harm.

To Get Exclusive Game Deals in Other Regions

Did you know that you can find better game deals by accessing Nintendo Switch Stores in other countries? The IP masking capabilities of a VPN can help you do just that! You don’t have to pay more for games when you can buy them for comparatively less.

For instance, if you live in the United Kingdom and want to set up an eShop account in Peru, a VPN lets you register for a Peru account by using a Peruvian IP address. This is also useful if you want to download a game only available in another region.

To Bypass ISP Bandwidth Throttling

If you want to eliminate the possibility of your Internet Service Provider throttling your gaming traffic, a VPN is your best bet. Most ISPs are known to throttle users who engage in bandwidth-intensive activities like gaming.

With a VPN, you can stop your ISP from keeping tabs on what you’re doing by hiding your online activities. They won’t be able to see your traffic and impose bandwidth restrictions, which means a throttle-free gaming experience.

PureVPN – The Best Nintendo Switch VPN

If you’re searching for a reliable VPN to use with Nintendo Switch, look no further than PureVPN. Here’s what makes us the best VPN for Nintendo Switch users:

    • Audited No-Logs Policy: There aren’t many independently audited no-log VPNs out there, and PureVPN is one of the few. We don’t have anything to share since nothing is collected or stored in the first place!
    • Leak Proof Connections: You don’t have to worry about your real IP address leaking while gaming on your Nintendo Switch. Our service comes packed with a kill switch and WebRTC, DNS, & IPv6 leak protection.
    • Bank-Grade Encryption: Third parties like your ISP and cybercriminals won’t be able to get their hands on your data thanks to AES 256-bit encryption. Gibberish is pretty much all they’d be able to see.
    •  User-Friendly Apps: PureVPN offers easy-to-use apps for all major platforms, including Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows. This makes establishing a VPN connection on your other devices as easy as 1, 2, and 3.
    • Global Server Network: With a massive network of 2,000 highly optimized servers at your disposal and no limitations on server switching, you can easily find the ones that provide the best speeds and latency.
    • 10 Multi-Logins: Best part of all, one PureVPN account can be used on up to 10 different devices at the same time. You won’t have to purchase separate subscriptions for your other household devices.
    • Unlimited Bandwidth: There are no bandwidth caps, so you have the freedom to play as many games as you want on your Nintendo Switch.

Putting a VPN on Your Router

Follow these step-by-step instructions to install a VPN on your router:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN.
  2. If your existing router isn’t VPN-compatible (the easiest way to check is by logging into your router and looking for VPN settings), here’s our list of supported routers.
  3. Next, find the right configuration guide for your existing or newly purchased router and carefully follow the mentioned steps.
  4. Game away on your Nintendo Switch!

If you run into a snag, you can always reach out to our 24/7 customer support via live chat for prompt assistance.

Note: Don’t want to go through all the hassle? You also have the option of buying a router pre-configured with PureVPN from Flashrouters.

Can You Use Streaming Services on Nintendo Switch?

As of now, you can download Hulu and YouTube and stream the videos available on these platforms straight on your Nintendo Switch.

As far as other popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus are concerned, their apps might make it to the Nintendo eShop in the future. Only time will tell, though.

Note: You can’t stream Hulu for free on Nintendo Switch! You will have to log in to your Hulu account to enjoy its content library.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Using a VPN for Nintendo Switch Boost Gaming Speeds?

Yes, it can! ISPs often throttle specific types of traffic such as gaming, which can result in considerably slower speeds.

By using a VPN on your Nintendo Switch, you can hide the fact that you’re playing games as top-of-the-line encryption is applied to your entire connection.

Your ISP won’t be able to throttle you, meaning you can experience enhanced gaming speeds and performance.

Does a Nintendo Switch Have an IP Address?

Yes. Every device that connects to the Internet (such as mobile phones, computers, gaming consoles, etc.) has an IP address.

How Do I Find the IP Address of My Nintendo Switch?

It’s simple, really. To find your Nintendo Switch’s IP address, go to Settings > Internet Settings. You’ll find it listed there along with its MAC Address.

Wrapping Things Up

Using a VPN is a great way to enjoy your Nintendo Switch to the fullest! You can stay protected against DDoS attacks, score better game deals, reduce lag, and more.

If you have any questions, feel free to use the comments section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.




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