VPN for Peru

Stop the government from viewing your online activities using the best VPN for Peru. Access any public Wi-Fi safely with top-level encryption. Make it close to impossible for your ISP to throttle your Internet connection. Take advantage of PureVPN’s $0.99 7-day trial to get a Peruvian IP address and test the service!

Note: We’re shutting down our Peru VPN servers. However, you can still use our VPN in Peru and enjoy all features by using other servers.

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VPN for Peru

10 Multi Logins

Enjoy multiple connections with a Peru VPN service!

PureVPN apps are available for:

Peru VPN is compatible with different consoles including Smart TVs, Kodi, Amazon fire, Chromecast, Routers, Computers and other Smart devices.

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PureVPN Servers in the Location of Peru

Looking for a straightforward way to get an IP address from Peru? PureVPN is the answer – there are hundreds of Peruvian IP addresses at our disposal! We offer instant access to our self-owned network of 6,500+ encrypted servers in 140+ countries, with 6 of them placed in the capital of Peru, Lima.
Our VPN servers in Peru are optimized by industry experts to guarantee a secure and fast online experience. Moreover, you are not bound by any bandwidth limitations, no matter what subscription plan you opt for.

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Avoid Metadata Retention

In Peru, the national police has the power to obtain the real-time location data of any device without a warrant. Furthermore, companies are required to store communications metadata for a period of three years. PureVPN encrypts your entire connection and gives you a secure IP address to protect you from metadata retention on behalf of your ISP to be accessed by the local authorities.

Secure Wi-Fi

Most of the wireless hotspots in Peru are unencrypted, which means you leave your sensitive data at risk of theft every time you use them. With our top-rated VPN for Peru, you can secure all the data to and from your device with AES 256-bit encryption, adding a layer of protection to your online activities, so you can access any wireless hotspot with no fear.

Throttle-Free Speeds

If you experience slow speeds while downloading or browsing, chances are that your ISP is throttling your bandwidth. Using a VPN in Peru, your traffic is protected behind a wall of privacy, thereby making it difficult for ISPs to use Deep Packet Inspection to spy on you and restrict your speeds.

Top 5 Questions People Ask About Using a VPN for Peru

Peru VPN

Is a VPN Legal in Peru?

Yes, 100%. The use of VPNs is perfectly legal throughout the country and there are currently no laws prohibiting it.

How Do I Get a Peruvian VPN?

All you have to do is pay for a PureVPN subscription with your preferred payment method and download the easy-to-use app for any device. Now, you are all set to use the VPN!

How do I Get a Peru IP Address with a VPN?

Just get a PureVPN account, download our app, and log in. Then, connect to a VPN server in Peru and your IP address will be masked with a Pervian IP before you know it.

Can You Watch Netflix in Peru?

Yes, you can watch Peruvian movies and TV shows on Netflix. If you want to gain access to the US library though, you’ll need to change your virtual location to America using a VPN. The same applies for all other Netflix libraries, and PureVPN has you covered; we have means to get to all of them under the same low cost subscription,

How do I Watch Peruvian TV Online?

If you’re outside Peru, you won’t be able to stream your favorite Peruvian TV channels due to geo-restrictions. With a VPN for Peru, you can instantly bypass these roadblocks and watch Peruvian television online by obtaining a Peru IP address!

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Our American Servers

We boast a huge pool of 6,500 VPN servers, spread across 180 locations. The locations also include the US and surrounding regions. Connect to the server location of your choice. And, enjoy better internet security and privacy.

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