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Best VPN for Optimum: For Enhanced Privacy and Security 

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PUREVPNpfcgnatBest VPN for Optimum: For Enhanced Privacy and Security 

For quick speeds, affordable costs, and excellent value, Optimum seems to be one of the better internet provider options. Choosing Optimum for your home internet connection sounds like a no-brainer when you consider that its plans include unlimited data, there is no equipment fee, and there are no commitments necessary.

Why You Need a VPN for Optimum?

Using PureVPN on your Optimum routers will help you to:

  • Stay secure from malware software, viruses, and spyware
  • Get uninterrupted access to restricted content 
  • Bypass CGNAT to open port
  • Allow steady remote access on all devices

Optimum VPN

Elevate Your Optimum with PureVPN

Connecting your Optimum with PureVPN will help you in many ways. Here’s how:

Safeguards Privacy and Security

PureVPN works with advanced encipher technology to make sure that data travels through safe tunnels and never gets leaked into unsafe holes.

Provides access to restricted content

With the breakthrough IP address creation technology, PureVPN works to provide access to all the content around the world, whether they are streaming services, books, or online gaming. With its amazing reach, PureVPN has servers all around the world so that customers never fall behind.

Open ports with a port forwarding add-on

Bypass CGNATs to open ports with efficiency and reliability. PureVPN ensures an extra layer of protection while opening ports.

Enhance protection with a dedicated IP add-on 

Provides customers with the static IP to make sure that their transactions run smoothly and they are not blocked by authorities.

Enable safe remote access 

Users from different locations can access games, files, movies, and many more with dedicated IPs on safe ports.

How to set up PureVPN for Optimum

Optimum works with Open VPN Protocols, which provide better security and protects from potential vulnerabilities which are faced while using PPTP. PureVPN complements the system with added speed and coverage. Here’s how to set it up:

1. Download PureVPN configuration files from here.

2. Open the home url in your browser usually

3. Go to advanced setting > VPN

4. Now Click on VPN Client > Add profile

5. Click on the OpenVPN tab and enter the following details:

a) Description: Choose any name for the VPN connection

b) Username: Insert your PureVPN username as given by the provider username

c) Password: Insert your PureVPN password as given by the provider username

d) Now click Choose File and upload the .ovpn configuration files that you downloaded before (choose the files for your desired server location) and click on Upload

6. After uploading is complete, click on “Import the CA file or edit the .ovpn file manually” and click on Edit

7. Open the location where your .ovpn files are saved and find CA.crt, open it in Notepad, copy its contents, and paste it under Certificate Authority

8. Open WDC.key in Notepad, copy its contents, and paste it under Static Key (optional) and click on Save, then OK, and press Activate

Now, you are all set to break the boundaries and bottlenecks and browse freely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a VPN with Optimum?

Yes, using a VPN with Optimum helps to prevent data throttling and blocking of certain sites by the optimum, PureVPN is the recommended choice for that.

Does Optimum use static or dynamic IP?

Optimum uses a static IP address that acts as their property in case the client defaults or indulges in some non-decent activities. 

Will Optimum change my IP address?

If a client’s location is changed then Optimum will change the IP address upon request.

Does VPN slow down Optimum?

Certainly not if using a PureVPN, in fact, it would make your Optimum speed work faster and help you in getting out of data caps.


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