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PureVPN removes Hong Kong servers to maintain utmost safety of its users

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PUREVPNPureVPN UpdatesPureVPN removes Hong Kong servers to maintain utmost safety of its users

Update: PureVPN Hong Kong servers are live again. For more details, visit this blog post.

PureVPN was established out of a solid commitment to the security and privacy of our users. These tenets guide our core existence, and we live, breathe, and sleep with an absolutely steadfast responsibility to maintain the utmost safety for our customers.

We’ve kept a close eye on the recent developments in Hong Kong and its potential impact on our users. We agree with the human rights watchdogs and activists that the new National Security Law poses a tremendous threat to users’ Internet security, privacy, and freedom.

As PureVPN is a certified No Log VPN service provider and our servers store no personally identifiable information (PII) on the user, we don’t perceive any imminent threat from the legislative changes in Hong Kong.

However, bearing in mind our commitment to maintaining the trust of our millions of users across the globe, we have decided to decommission Hong Kong servers from our apps and offerings on July 28 at 00:00 HK local time.

While we don’t see any direct threat and we may very well be in the clear, we’ve decided to do this out of a lack of clarity of the repercussions that this recently enacted National Security Law will have on the integrity of our VPN servers in Hong Kong.

However, we have a substantial number of users who connect to our Hong Kong servers daily for their personal and business needs, and do not want to cause an immediate disruption. To facilitate them in the transition, these users can access our HK servers manually until September 21 at 23:59 HK Local time.

Available alternative destinations for HK server users

To provide alternative destinations to the users who want to connect our Hong Kong servers, we are ramping up our VPN servers in Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. We recommend our users to connect to these alternative destinations.

What’s next?

Our operational dependency on Hong Kong has always been minimal since all of our operations are overseas. We are taking time to evaluate our jurisdiction, and at this point, keeping all our options open. These are the first few steps in a series of steps that we’ve planned and will be communicating back to our users, partners, and media in the coming weeks.


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November 24, 2022


2 years ago

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