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Dedicated IP For Email Marketing

With a dedicated IP address, only the organization's emails will be routed through that address, whereas shared IP is used by a group of email senders for email marketing. So, get a PureVPN's dedicated IP add-on for just $0.99.

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What is a dedicated IP for Email Marketing

Using a dedicated IP for email marketing can be a great way to tackle email marketing for improving your sales in the long run. But the question remains, is dedicated IP for email marketing the right decision for your firm?

If you've heard about the concept of email deliverability, meaning the competency of your email directly entering into your customers and prospects email box rather than landing in the spam folder, then you might understand the importance of opting for a dedicated IP VPN address.

Indeed, many email services allow you to choose between a dedicated or a shared IP address to deliver your emails. To undertake this decision is one of the biggest arguments in email marketing when it comes to enhancing your deliverability ratio.

If your mind is clouded to decide between the two, or you would want to have some comprehensive detail regarding dedicated IP addresses for emails, you're at the right place. By going through this guide, you'll get a better understanding of the benefits of purchasing a dedicated IP VPN address.

Benefits of a Dedicated IP

If your sending activity is clean but takes time for your respective clients and prospects to receive your email, shared IP would be responsible for such a delay. It's worth considering shifted towards dedicated IP to reap the full benefits of achieving an excellent deliverability ratio.

  • You are responsible for your deliverability reputation since your IP reputation is yours to handle
  • It's easier to point out deliverability issues
  • Better security over your deliverability. For instance, whitelisting your IP is easier since you are the sole owner of your IP

Static vs Dynamic IP address for Email Marketing

As aforementioned above, many email marketing applications offer flexibility to choose between a dedicated or shared IP address for sending your emails. Below mentioned is the difference between a shared and dedicated IP address.

Dedicated IP might always be seen as the correct option, but that doesn't hold at all times. For people who don't send heaps of emails regularly, it might not be worth it because setting up a dedicated IP VPN is time-consuming. Moreover, you also have to be careful about your sending activity since no previous history is linked to your IP address or reputation of your email inbox providers.

Undoubtedly, email marketing service providers like Sendinblue dedicate their time and effort to maintaining the reputation of their shared IP addresses. Meaning they take into account monitoring every user's activity and ensuring they meet the standards to prevent any adverse effects of their deliverability upon others.

For many email senders, choosing a shared IP address will be much more beneficial that saves them from the hassle to set up a dedicated IP VPN.

  • Shared IP: You deliver emails through a server that is also providing emails to other users at the same time. The IP popularity is therefore determined based on the overall performance of all the emails sent by the user.
  • Dedicated IP: You are the sole owner of the IP address, meaning the reputation of your IP address is based on your sending behavior.

Why choose a dedicated IP address

Dynamic IP addresses might be easier for many users but sometimes doesn't fulfill all requirements. Then buying a dedicated IP address becomes the only option.

  • You want to send huge volumes of email continually.
  • You want to be the sole owner of your IP address and handle its reputation and deliverability
  • You want to integrate your emails with your email provider besides opting for other email service providers.
reasons to get dedicated IP for email marketing

Risks of sending emails from a shared IP address

The reputation of your shared IP address is directly linked to anyone who sends emails from it. When reputation is at stake, it becomes increasingly essential to regulate email sending activity. Furthermore, it also poses a great deal of risk of putting your reputation at stake at the hands of your neighboring senders.

Risks of shared ip for email marketing


To summarize it, having a dedicated IP VPN would ensure that your IP address is whitelisted. Many jobs require a dedicated IP address to access databases efficiently without compromising on security.

Your dedicated fresh IP is the key to ensure to achieve the best email deliverability on time, guaranteeing you don't lose out on your clients and other prospects, delivering an excellent online reputation at the lowest cost.

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