How to Set Up a Mikrotik VPN

By configuring our Mikrotik VPN, you can:

  • Secure unlimited devices

  • Protect your entire network

  • Enjoy round-the-clock protection

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Mikrotik VPN
Mikrotik VPN

How to Set Up a Mikrotik VPN

  • Download the VPN certificate and log into the Mikrotik web interface. Open Files, add the certificate you have downloaded, and import it by going to Mikrotiks > System > Certificates > Import.

  • Go to IP > IPsec > Profiles > Add New and add a new profile by configuring settings like sha256 for Hash Algorithms and aes-128/ aes-256 for Encryption Algorithm.

  • Open the Proposals tab and click Add New. Fill out the fields with details like aes-128-cbc/ aes-256-cbc/ aes-256 gcm for Enc. Algorithms and modp1024 for PFS Group.

  • Visit the Groups tab and add a new group named for your VPN service.

  • Create an IPsec policy at Policies by checking the Enabled box leaving the default settings for Src. Address and Dst. Address etc.

  • Navigate to the Mode Configs tab and click Add New. Enter the configuration’s name, uncheck the Responder box, and select exclusively for Use Responder DNS.

  • Set up an IPsec peer in Peers with the VPN servers address and other information.

How to Get a Mikrotik VPN

Three steps and you are all set.


Step 1

Subscribe to PureVPN.


Step 2

Configure our VPN on your Mikrotik router.


Step 3

Connect and enjoy the benefits of a VPN network-wide!

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Why Do You Need a VPN for Mikrotik Routers?

Secure Any Device

Get robust protection for all your Wi-Fi-enabled devices, including those that traditionally do not support VPNs, like gaming consoles, smart TVs, and streaming boxes.

Mikrotik vpn Secure Any Device
Mikrotik vpn 24/7 VPN Coverage

24/7 VPN Coverage

Our Mikrotik VPN delivers continuous, reliable protection, ensuring all your devices stay secure around the clock – whether you are streaming, downloading, or browsing.

Unlimited Connections

Every device connected to your Wi-Fi is automatically secured. Enjoy instant coverage for as many devices as you like without additional configurations.

Mikrotik vpn Unlimited Connections
Mikrotik vpn Top-Of-The-Line Protection

Top-Of-The-Line Protection

Give all your devices an extra layer of protection with AES 256-bit encryption, which shields your online activities from external threats.

What Makes PureVPN the Best Mikrotik VPN Service?

Audited No Log Policy

Our no-log policy has been independently verified by a renowned audit firm. We also follow an always-on audit approach, ensuring your privacy is consistently protected.

24/7 Live Chat Support

Encountering issues with setting up or using PureVPN on your router? Our dedicated customer support team is at your disposal anytime via live chat to resolve any concerns!

Global Server Network

PureVPN grants you access to a rapidly expanding global network of over 6,000 VPN servers in more than 65 countries, ensuring fast and reliable connectivity wherever you are.

High-Grade Encryption

By taking advantage of the OpenVPN protocol, our VPN extends the most robust encryption available to every device on your network, keeping your online activities safe.

31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident in our service quality, but should you find it unsatisfactory, our 31-day money-back guarantee is there to ensure your investment is risk-free.

Unlimited Bandwidth

All devices connected to your router benefit from unlimited bandwidth, allowing for uninterrupted streaming, gaming, and downloading.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I put a VPN on my Mikrotik router?

    Yes, a VPN can be configured on your Mikrotik router, but make sure your model is VPN-compatible before proceeding.

  • Is it safe to use a VPN on a Mikrotik router?

    Yes, using VPN on your Mikrotik router is perfectly safe! For optimal protection, choose a high-quality VPN provider and regularly update your router’s firmware.

  • What VPN is compatible with Mikrotik?

    PureVPN supports Mikrotik routers, making it an excellent option for enhancing network-wide privacy and security. Not sure how to set it up? Our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you!

  • How do I check if my Mikrotik VPN is working?

    To check if your VPN is working on your Mikrotik router, visit our IP lookup tool to see if your IP address and location have changed to the VPN's server location.