Let Your Voice be Heard with a Reliable Reddit VPN

  • Surpass all place barriers while accessing Reddit

  • Encrypt your IP address and private data from security intruders

  • Get enhanced security on public WiFi connections

  • Avoid personalized ads and tracking by being anonymous

  • Participate in sensitive discussions without being noticed

  • Jump over the firewall and CGNAT barriers barring Reddit and other platforms

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Why do you need Reddit VPN?

Cover against unsecured public WiFi

Accessing Reddit on public WiFi makes you vulnerable to cyber risks and personal data infringement. A Reddit VPN encrypts your data to keep you secure from prying eyes. Mitigate the risks of identity theft and ransomware attacks in a go!


Solution to slow connections

ISPs throttle your internet. This can make your Reddit data throttle and make it difficult to manage your subreddits. With a fast VPN, your connection remains stable and reliable. Forwarding ports for Reddit bots becomes a hassle-free task for you.

Barrier to third-party tracking

Personal advertisements and monitoring your digital footprints is a common practice of third parties. The solution comes in the name of a VPN, which guarantees the safety of your digital presence.


Advantage of being anonymous

A trustworthy VPN keeps you anonymous, hides your IP address, and changes your location. Have access to Reddit from school, office, or any place where it is banned. Participating in sensitive discussions is not an issue. With DNS leak protection, feel safe to communicate.

Why is PureVPN the best Reddit VPN?

High-end encryption technology

With air-tight AES-256 bit encryption technology, PureVPN comes the most secure way of encrypting your data. Don’t worry if the connection is lost! The Internet Kill Switch feature keeps you safe every time. Don’t forget the No-log policy to keep all your data only to yourself.

Swift in speed

The fast connection and reliable connection keep me at the edge while communicating on Reddit. Your traffic never gets compromised with the quantum-adopted speed of PureVPN. ISP throttling, firewall, and CGNAT are old games when you are connected with PureVPN.

Multiple servers globally

Relax! If you are at a place where Reddit is banned or inaccessible, PureVPN can get you through. With 6500+ servers in 70+ countries, connect anywhere, anytime!

How to access Reddit with a VPN

Step 1

Subscribe and Download PureVPN

Step 2

Sign in using your credentials

Step 3

Connect to the server & Enjoy!

Get PureVPN 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best no-log Reddit VPN?

    There are many VPNs in the market that offer fancy services but sell your data privately. No logging VPNs are extremely important. Try PureVPN, with a guaranteed no-log policy and uncompromised reliability.

  • Will a VPN get around the Reddit ban?

    A VPN covers your IP address with the address of its servers. This way, you become anonymous for the people or platform to identify. Therefore a VPN can easily get around the Reddit ban.

  • Can Reddit detect ban evasion?

    Reddit claims to detect ban evasions through certain techniques, even if you are using a VPN. This usually happens when you are using untrustworthy or free VPNs, which sometimes leak your IP address or compromise your domain communications. To avoid such issues, use a premium VPN.

  • Does Reddit keep your IP address?

    Yes, it does. Reddit will keep the IP address that is used to make your account.