How to Hide IP Address

Have you ever wondered how a particular website finds out your location on the web? You might have wondered how Facebook, Netflix, or any other web service knows your country, even when you have turned off your GPS location from settings.

The reason why it is easy to detect your location is that your IP address is easily detectable for any website on the internet. And since your IP address can reveal lots of information about you, it is always helpful for you to learn how to mask IP address.

Before we proceed with this, you first need to learn what an IP address is.

How to Hide IP Address

What is an IP Address

An IP – or Internet Protocol – address is a unique string of numbers that are often used to identify any device that connects to the internet.

Each device that you have has a unique IP address. This address works similarly to a mailing letter. If, for instance, your online query is a letter, your IP address works as the return address on the envelope. Every query you make has got your IP address written on it. And the answer to your query is then sent to this return address, which is your system.

The IP address of your device isn’t assigned randomly. It is usually provided to you by your ISP. This means that your IP address can be used to find out your actual physical location.

4 Ways to hide your IP Address

Hiding your IP address is necessary in many cases. And the best way to hide your IP address is to apply camouflage. This means that you will remain hidden while being in plain sight. And no entity on the web will be able to find your actual location or your identity.

There are many ways to hide your IP address. Some of these are mentioned below:

How to Hide IP with VPN

The easiest way to apply camouflage over your IP address is to use a VPN. Using a VPN has many advantages. It doesn’t just give you a new IP address but also offers online anonymity; it also allows you to change your IP to a different location and access your favorite channels with ease.

A VPN is a network of servers that can be accessed via the VPN client app. These servers are generally spread out in different countries. And they have one primary function, to help you change your IP address.

Whenever you connect to a VPN server, your IP address takes the form of that server’s IP address. This changes your IP location too, and you can pretend to be a visitor from a country even if you’re living thousands of miles away.

VPNs come in different forms. The best VPN services are the premium ones. These include the likes of PureVPN, among others. These VPN services offer access to the largest server networks, and they also provide the best security and privacy features to their users.

PureVPN, for instance, offers access to 6,500+ servers in 140 countries. It offers access to 300,000+ IP addresses that you can change to. It also offers end-to-end encryption to keep your online communications secure. Moreover, you can access your favorite channels, including Netflix US and Disney+ from anywhere.

Connecting to a service like PureVPN is the safest and easiest way to hide my IP address.

How to hide ip address with vpn

Using the Tor Browser

Tor is another tool that helps you hide IP address. It is also the oldest method to mask IP addresses. In the early 2000s, Tor came up with a way to keep you hidden on the web.

Tor is a free browser that encrypts your internet traffic and can bounce your IP address to different locations. Your online traffic passes through different servers from around the world. This keeps your real IP Address hidden on the web.

However, there are a few problems with using Tor. For one, it is slow. Your IP has to pass through different servers, which reduces speeds. Another reason for not using Tor is that it has already been compromised multiple times by surveillance agencies. There have been cases where innocents were surveyed upon because they seemed suspicious as they were using Tor.

How to Hide IP with Tor

Using a Proxy Server for IP Scrambling

Using a proxy is another way to hide my IP address. It is the most basic option that you can use to hide your IP. However, a proxy is a bit too basic and often lacks the perfection of using a VPN service. The IP address you get connecting through a proxy server doesn't encrypt your traffic, and your internet connection is significantly slow down. They are known to leak your IP addresses. And they lack many essential security features needed to keep your IP hidden.

How to Hide IP using Proxy

Using Public WiFi – The Long Distance Option

If you want to hide your IP address temporarily, go to any coffee shop, bookstore, hotel lobby, or any place with free Wi-Fi and tap into their Wi-Fi, you'll be able to hide your IP Address temporarily. So, you'll be able to use their network IP Address as long as you're connected to their Wi-Fi.

Let's try it out. First, check your current IP address by clicking "Show my IP" and then check-in to a free Wi-Fi spot, log in to their Network and recheck your IP.

However, it is not recommended to make online purchases or do any bank transaction(s) while connected to public Wi-Fi without using a VPN because your Internet activity is at risk and can be spied on or intercepted by a hacker easily without your knowing it.

How to Hide IP with wifi

Why do I need to Hide My IP

You might be wondering why I need to hide my IP. The reasons are many, and these often relate to your privacy on the web. Some people want to remain extra cautious when browsing on the web. And they have reason to be. That is because many powerful entities are known to spy on people on the internet. These include powerful governmental agencies like the NSA, CIA, etc.

If you’re unaware as to how serious this threat is to your privacy, then you only need to check up on the revelations posted by Edward Snowden not too long ago. According to him, agencies use your IP address to check your browsing history. And they don’t stop there. They have also been known to hack cameras and spy on people even when during their most intimate moments.

Even if online anonymity is not something you’d be interested in, there are still reasons for us to learn how to hide my IP online. Another reason to learn IP masking, or IP ghosting, techniques is to get access to streaming channels on the web.

If, for instance, you want to access and stream Disney+ from a location where it is not available, you will need to mask your original IP address and make use of a fake IP address. But how can you do that? It’s easy!

Why use PureVPN to Hide your IP Address

There are multiple ways to keep your IP address hidden. The best way to conceal your IP address is to use PureVPN. With PureVPN, you can access and use over 300,000+ IP addresses from 140 countries. You can enjoy the best security and anonymity that you can get. Meanwhile, you can also access and stream your favorite streaming channels from anywhere!

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