Hide your IP address: Your Digital Freedom and the First Line of Defense

“Nothing is hidden online,” Edward Snowden once said. This is the reason why some people hide their IP addresses to get rid of online surveillance, while others hide their IP address to access region-locked services. It’s a known fact that ISPs, government agencies, and peeping Toms can track your every online activity. The only way to prevent this snooping-ness is to hide your IP address.

how to hide ip address

What is an IP Address, and how to hide IP Address?

An IP address is a set of numerals designed for your devices exclusively to make them communicate with other devices. It is the same as your identity or home address, represented digitally for online communications.

6 proven ways to hide your IP address

We will share a few step-by-step instructions in this section to help you hide or change your IP address. Even if you are not tech-savvy or are geeks like us, you can easily follow the steps below on your own

use a vpn to hide ip

1. Using a VPN

A VPN is a reliable tool to hide your IP address, but most use it to access region-locked games and streaming services. That’s right; you can be anonymous online using a VPN app.

How to Use a VPN

  • Step 1: Subscribe and install the PureVPN app.
  • Step 2: Sign in to the app using your login credentials.
  • Step 3: Connect to a country server from the list.
  • Step 4: Now, your IP address is hidden and private. You’ll be browsing from the country you connect to; it’s that simple.
use tor browser to hide ip

2. Get Tor browser

Being anonymous with the Tor browser is free but annoying. Tor encrypts your data slowly, keeping your fast-paced work lagged. However, the browser hides your IP address for secure access but with slow speeds.

How to Use Tor Browser

All you have to do is download Tor files on your computer and start using the application. You can even install Tor on your iOS or Android phones if you are not a desktop user. But don’t feel overwhelmed. The Tor browser is just like any other browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome. It’s not the Dark Web.

use proxy server to hide ip

3. Have a Proxy server

Proxy servers act as middlemen while providing a layer of security. It can hide your IP many times but is non-reliable in terms of encryption. Proxy servers come with the risks of being exposed.

How to Use a Proxy

Don’t forget we warned you earlier. For the sake of sharing a solution, here you go.

  • Step 1: Click the internet Wi-Fi icon on the bottom right of your computer screen.
  • Step 2: Select Network & Internet settings > Proxy.
  • Step 3: Turn on the toggle under Automatically detect settings.
  • Step 4: On Use setup script, turn on the toggle.
  • Step 5: Enter the script address and choose Save
use public wifi to hide ip

4. Ask your ISP for a static IP address

You can simply request your internet service provider to change your IP address if the one you currently use is blocked or blacklisted. They may charge you extra for a static IP address, but it can be much safer than a dynamic IP address.

ask isp to assign static ip address to hide ip

5. Unplug your modem

Unless you have a static IP assigned by your ISP, all IP addresses are typically given a dynamic IP address via its DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server. If you are assigned an active IP address from your ISP, unplugging your modem for a few hours will reset the DHCP lease and likely assign you a new IP address.

unplug your modem to change your ip address to hide ip

6. Switch your mobile’s internet network

If you use an iPhone or Android phone, turn off your WiFi and switch to a mobile network. Changing your IP address to your mobile’s internet network doesn’t keep you anonymous, and the question of secure access stays the same.

why do I have to change my ip address

Why Do I Have to Change my IP Address?

An IP address is your online identity that evil hackers and other surveillance agencies can use as a backdoor access to your private information. The story doesn’t end here. A blacklisted or restricted IP address means you can’t access websites or online services. These are the two major reasons why an internet user thinks about changing his or her IP address. A new IP address can:

  • Hide your online identity and location
  • Give you access to region-locked services
  • Prevent IP-related bans and blacklisting
  • Protect your device against DDoS attacks

What Do You Get with PureVPN?

You can rely on PureVPN to change your IP address and hide your identity at all times. PureVPN works on many devices and offers 10 connections to all users. This means your whole family can use a VPN and protect their information on their personal devices. The “P” in PureVPN stands for “Privacy” and we mean it with a straight face. You are entitled to your privacy rights and we will help you get back your privacy at any cost.

  • Gives you access to over 300,000 IP addresses (which you can switch to unlimited times)
  • Changes and hides your IP with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Prevents ISP throttling and tracking
  • Dodges unknown attacks and IP leaks
  • Encrypts your internet traffic
benefits of purevpn

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hide my IP address?

Yes, you can hide your IP address. There are different ways to hide IP address like either through a VPN or proxy server but there are a few cons associated with a proxy server which makes VPN a optimal choice for many to hide IP.

How can I hide my IP address manually?

There are a few ways to hide IP address from ISPs or surveillance agencies. You can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a Tor browser to go completely anonymous online.

Does hiding IP address work?

Yes, if you wish to stay anonymous online then hiding your IP is the best way to do it. Regardless of your purpose, hiding your IP address is an efficient technique to improve your privacy and security.