Colombia VPN

Our Colombia VPN servers have been shut down, but you can still use PureVPN in Colombia to enjoy advanced online privacy, secure Wi-Fi connections, and unrestricted internet speeds.


Why use a VPN in Colombia?

Secure public Wi-Fi

When connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots in cafes, airports, and hotels, PureVPN ensures that your data remains secure and encrypted, preventing unauthorized access to your personal information.

Limitless streaming

PureVPN helps you bypass geo-blocks and access streaming services like Max, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu in Colombia. Simply switch your IP address and expand your entertainment options!

Enhanced anonymity

Using PureVPN adds an extra layer of anonymity, safeguarding journalists from potential targeting due to their opinions expressed online and allowing them to report freely without fear of reprisals.

Why is PureVPN the best choice?

Connect by city

PureVPN offers the flexibility to connect to servers in various cities, giving you control over your online presence.


Obfuscated servers

With our obfuscated servers, you can effortlessly overcome strict censorship and VPN blocking without drawing attention to your activities.

Unlimited bandwidth

Enjoy seamless streaming, downloading, and browsing without any restrictions – just hit connect and forget about it!


Blazing-fast speeds

Experience super-fast connections wherever you go with PureVPN’s next-generation 20 Gbps servers.

3 million+ satisfied users

Most popular server locations for users from Colombia

Access our American servers from Argentina

Why PureVPN is the best VPN for Colombia

Experience what the best VPN can do for your online privacy.
Here’s what you get with PureVPN vs. a free VPN:

PureVPN Free VPN
Bandwidth limit
Server locations
Connection and activity logs
Protocols supported
Apps available
Customer support

Frequently asked questions about Colombia VPN

  • Is a VPN Legal in Colombia?

    Yes, it is! Using a VPN in Colombia is perfectly legal, as long as you are not engaging in any illicit activities.

  • How Do I Get a Colombia VPN?

    It is pretty simple. Just go to our order page, choose your preferred subscription, and use any payment method to buy it. Next, download the app for your device, log in using your credentials, and you are good to go.

  • Do I Need a VPN in Colombia?

    Yes! By using a VPN in Colombia, you can access public Wi-Fi safely, stream unavailable content, and improve your online anonymity.