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Our El Salvador VPN server is no longer operational. However, you can still connect to other PureVPN locations within El Salvador to enhance your online privacy, stream more content, avoid ISP throttling, and more.

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Why Use a VPN in El Salvador?

Improved anonymity

PureVPN provides an extra layer of anonymity, protecting journalists in El Salvador from being targeted for their online opinions and enabling them to report without fear of reprisal.

Limitless streaming

With PureVPN, you can access a wide range of streaming services like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Max in El Salvador. Switching your IP address is all it takes to expand your viewing choices!

Secure public WiFi

When you connect to PureVPN, it protects your incoming and outgoing traffic with robust encryption – this enables you to use public WiFi networks without any worries!

Why is PureVPN the Best Choice?

Connect by city

Want to connect to a city? PureVPN supports city-wise server selection, with access to 80+ locations.


Obfuscated servers

Hide your VPN use in countries with strict rules by making your VPN traffic look like non-VPN traffic.

Unlimited bandwidth

Play games, stream videos, and download files as much as you like with no bandwidth or data caps.


Blazing-fast speeds

Enjoy reliable, speedy connections from any part of the world thanks to our 20 Gbps servers.

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Why PureVPN is the best VPN for El Salvador

Experience what the best VPN can do for your online privacy.
Here’s what you get with PureVPN vs. a free VPN:

PureVPN Free VPN
Bandwidth limit
Server locations
No connection and activity logs
Protocols supported
Apps available
Customer support

Frequently asked questions

  • Does PureVPN work in El Salvador?

    Yes. Even though PureVPN does not offer an El Salvador server any longer, our service is still 100% functional in the country.

  • Are VPNs legal in El Salvador?

    Absolutely! There are no laws that prohibit the use of VPNs in El Salvador, but you can get into legal trouble if you use them to commit crimes.

  • How do I get an El Salvador VPN?

    Get a PureVPN subscription. Download our app on your device. Connect to your desired server, and you are all set!