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Access and download location-locked games in Iceland, explore the web without leaving footprints and secure your Internet traffic with our Iceland VPN service.

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VPN for Iceland

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Set up the best VPN in Iceland on multiple devices.

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Also compatible with consoles which include SmartTV, Kodi, Amazon fire, Chromecast, routers, computers and other smart devices.

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Access the Internet without Limitations with the Perfect VPN for Iceland

No More Location-Locked Content

Today, the world of Internet is being hammered by unwanted location blocks. For instance, you can’t access streaming services such as Netflix US catalogue or even online games from certain regions. The only way left to make all the restrictions go away from your life and tread the digital world without restrictions is to use a VPN for Iceland. With 300,000+ IPs originating from 180+ locations, you are assured access any service or app with ease.

No More Unsecure Internet

In 2018, over thousands of Icelandic internet users experienced a large-scale cyberattack, particularly phishing. Throughout the year, users are forced to face mild-to-severe cyber threats, amongst which many attacks are unnoticeable. Regardless, you can either keep your head low to avoid the attack, which means going offline, or you can amplify the security of your connection with a secure Icelandic VPN service.

No More Unwanted Spying

Spying doesn’t mean tapped phones or hacked cameras. Spying in the 21st century means listening in on your online communication or traffic, storing your online behavior and monitoring your browsing history. The worst thing is that there’s no way to opt out of this uneasy situation. Or, is it? Well, the privacy-centric features and encryption offered by a VPN service can help you become anonymous online without losing a fortune.

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Get an Icelandic IP Address

Iceland is a country that doesn’t have any uncomfortable internet laws or other severe surveillance practices. It is because of these reasons, users from other regions of the globe search for a VPN server in Iceland to get an Icelandic IP address and enjoy freedom and accessibility from a country which is deprived of online freedom or privacy. Plus, with a local IP from Iceland, users in other country can gain access to Iceland-only services from anywhere.
We are sure that you would be happy to know that PureVPN gives you unlimited access to its 300,000+ IPs addresses and 2,000+ VPN servers including servers in Iceland. Best of all, our servers guarantee 99.99% uptime, optimal security due to military-grade encryption, and best speed at all times.

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We Promise You!

Top Speeds

Connect PureVPN and experience the speed that promises uninterrupted streaming, downloading, gaming and more.

Best Anonymity

Become anonymous with just a single click and make all your activities completely private against prying eyes.

Zero-log Policy

Your internet traffic or data remains unmonitored when you connect to PureVPN because we observe a strict no-log policy.

Our Icelandic VPN Service is known for Trust, Reliability & Efficiency

Iceland VPN

Join High-Spec Servers

We have deployed top-of-the-line VPN servers in the countries you want so you get optimal performance at all times.

Say Bye to Censorships

If you live in a Iceland which is ruled by strict censorship, join our VPN servers in Iceland and free your internet from unwanted censorship.

Avoid Unexpected IP Leaks

Don’t let IP leaks ruin your VPN experience. Simply join PureVPN and get guaranteed IP leak protection.

Surf Anonymously

Anonymity is the core feature of PureVPN and, thus, you are assured completely private browsing experience 24/7.

Enjoy the Fastest Speeds

When you connect to our servers, you will get to boost your internet speeds by a significant margin thanks to our high-speed servers and anti-throttling mechanisms.

Enjoy Uncapped Bandwidth

You don’t get to experience any limited bandwidth issues unlike other services because we don’t cap bandwidth.

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Our Advanced Security Features

We Promise Maximum Privacy & Security

256-Bit Encryption

With military-grade encryption protecting your data, browse the web without any worries.

Multiple Protocols

You have access to our multiple protocols that you can select either manually or automatically for increased convenience.

Internet Kill Switch

Uncalled for connection drops can expose you on the Internet. But with IKS, you can continue using the VPN with peace of mind.

Split Tunneling

PureVPN’s Split Tunneling feature is built for the convenience of the users so they don’t need to deactivate the service for using local network.

Wi-Fi Protection

You can now safely join public Wi-Fis, pay online bills or make transactions without worrying about any online threats.

Unlimited Switching

We never limit server switching. Period.

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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