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Get around the government’s controversial Internet filters and access any website with the best risk-free New Zealand VPN service. Enjoy a throttle-free streaming experience while watching your favorite entertainment and sports content. Want to take PureVPN for a test run? Get the 7-day trial now for only $0.99!

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Connect and secure multiple devices using the best New Zealand VPN service.

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PureVPN Servers in New Zealand

If you want a New Zealand IP address, then look no further than PureVPN. We have an extensive network of 2,000 servers in 140 countries worldwide, of which a dozen are located in the capital of New Zealand, Auckland.

Our VPN servers in New Zealand are specially optimized to deliver the fastest speeds, no matter where you connect from. Moreover, with no caps on bandwidth, you can conduct your online activities without any quotas.

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How our VPN for New Zealand Can Benefit You?

Watch Kiwi Movies & TV Shows

If you are overseas, you will not be able to watch the New Zealand content you love. After all, channels like TVNZ and Lightbox are location-locked, which means they’re only accessible if you identify your connection as belonging to New Zealand. Using PureVPN, you can change your virtual location to New Zealand and instantly access your favorite Kiwi movies and TV shows.

Complete Internet Freedom

In New Zealand, the government has a system in place to filter traffic and prevent netizens from accessing certain websites and material. PureVPN enables you to browse the Internet free from these hurdles by concealing your original IP address and encrypting all your traffic.

Throttle-Free Streaming

ISPs throttle your connection when you engage in bandwidth consuming activities such as streaming and downloading. With PureVPN, you can hide what you are up to online and experience the fastest streaming with zero interruptions.

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Live Stream Sports With a NZ VPN

Stream NZ Sports

When you visit another country for work or vacation, you won’t be able to live stream rugby, netball, and other sports matches on channels such as Sky Sport and Spark Sport. Wondering why? Because of geographical limitations.

However, you can bypass these roadblocks and watch your favorite local sports from anywhere using a Kiwi VPN service. Just connect to PureVPN, choose New Zealand to get an IP address from back home, visit the channel of your choice, and catch every second of the action!

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Top 5 Questions People Ask About Using a VPN for New Zealand

VPN for Newzealand

How Do I Get a VPN for New Zealand?

It’s simple. Subscribe to a PureVPN plan that best suits you, choose your preferred payment method, and complete the checkout process. Once done, download PureVPN on your device – we have apps available for all major devices!

Does PureVPN Work in NZ?

Yes! PureVPN has VPN servers in New Zealand, which can be used to change your IP address and encrypt the data to and from your device.

How do I Change IP Address to New Zealand with a VPN?

All you have to do is subscribe to PureVPN, download the app on your chosen device, and launch it using your credentials. Then, connect to a New Zealand VPN server, and you are good to go!

Is VPN Illegal in New Zealand?

VPNs are perfectly legal in New Zealand as currently no law exists barring or prohibiting their use. But that doesn't mean using one will allow you to get away with illegal activities like fraud or theft. You will still be held liable for your actions!

Can You Get Hulu in New Zealand?

Hulu is currently unavailable in New Zealand. However, you can watch the content available on it by using a NZ VPN to trick the streaming service into thinking you are in the US.Just log onto PureVPN and connect to a US server this time; you can do it all!.

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