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The Fastest VPN with 2,000+ servers, 300,000+ IPs, 180+ location, and much more!

Get PureVPN Also Compatible with 50+ Routers, Gaming Consoles, SmartTVs, OS & Devices.
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5 Multi Logins

Connect and secure multiple devices using the best New Zealand VPN service.

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Also compatible with multiple consoles including SmartTV, Kodi, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Routers, Computers and other Smart devices.

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How our Secure VPN for New Zealand Can Benefit You?

Overcome Data Retention

With our New Zealand VPN service, you can protect yourself from the surveillance carried out by government agencies and ISPs. All your online traffic is sent through an encrypted tunnel, rather than directly to the internet making it impossible for snoopers to intercept and monitor your data.

Complete Anonymity

Your real IP address is replaced with one of our 300,000+ unique IPs, concealing your online activities from the prying eyes of the government, ISPs and hackers. When you get New Zealand IP address, you also get built-in DNS Leak Protection.

Wi-Fi Network Security

Hackers can access unsecured Wi-Fi networks and steal the private data of its users. However, our secure VPN for Zealand not only protects your network but also every device connected to it, creating more barriers to keep intruders from breaking in and going about their business.

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Our VPN Servers in New Zealand

If you want to access any website and stream your favorite content without compromising your online identity, it’s a good idea to use a NZ VPN with hundreds of servers located globally. The more server locations, the better, as you will have more options to switch amongst.
PureVPN gives its users VPN access through 2000+ servers in 141+ countries across the globe, out of which our 12 VPN servers are in New Zealand, in the cities of Wellington and Auckland. Our servers are self-maintained allowing you to use PureVPN whenever you want with, 99.99% uptime.

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We Promise You!

Fastest VPN Speed

Our NZ VPN servers deliver the fastest VPN speed, so you can enjoy uninterrupted browsing and streaming.

Anonymous Identity

PureVPN conceals your online identity by changing your IP address and encrypting all your internet traffic.

No-Log Policy

Your privacy is our number one priority, always! We don’t, and never will, keep any logs of your online activities.

Our New Zealand VPN Service Gives You a Secure Internet Experience

VPN for Newzealand

Dodge Internet Surveillance

Keep government agencies, ISPs and hackers in the dark.

Ultimate Security

Stay protected from all kinds of threats on the internet.

Avoid Internet Censorship

Browse the internet the way it was meant to be: freely!

Public Wi-Fi Security

Connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots with complete peace of mind.

Encrypt Online Activity

Military-grade encryption secures your connection from end-to-end.

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Our Advanced Security Features

The New Zealand VPN enhances your online privacy and security through the following features:

App Blocker

With our App Blocker, you can keep users from accessing to certain websites and applications on your office or home network.

Content Filter

PureVPN’s Content Filter blocks all kinds of ads from being shown on your screen for an ad-free internet experience.


Our built-in Antivirus is regularly updated, keeping you secure from various threats and infected websites on the internet.

Internet Kill Switch

Our NZ VPN protects your online identity by automatically terminating your internet connection when your traffic is not protected by the VPN.

Split Tunneling

Users can decide which traffic to route through the VPN, and which traffic to route directly thought their ISP.

Military-Grade Encryption

All your online activities and communications are encrypted with military-grade 256-bit encryption, ensuring complete security of your data.

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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