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Korean VPN
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Get South Korean IP Address

Want to use an IP address in South Korea? PureVPN has you covered. We operate a massive network of 2,000 ultra-secure and high-speed servers in 140 countries worldwide, with 18 of them placed in the capital of South Korea, Seoul.
Our Korea VPN servers are fully optimized to ensure fast speeds and strong security with zero downtime. All you have to do is connect to them, and your device will be given a South Korean IP address in a matter of seconds.

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Censorship Circumvention

South Korea has one of the fastest Internet connection speeds in the world, but the government is known to censor many websites, especially those that are pro-North Korea. With PureVPN, you can route all your traffic through an encrypted tunnel and hide your actual IP address to enjoy limitless access to the Internet.

Access to Korean Content

You will miss out on your favorite south Korean TV shows and K-dramas when you are outside of the country. However, don’t let regional limitations get in your way! Using our top-rated Korean VPN, you can switch your virtual location to South Korea and access local streaming channels like JTBC and SPOTV at high-speeds from anywhere.

Unparalleled Security

South Korea is often the target of cyberattacks, which means your sensitive data can be stolen by cybercriminals and identity thieves any time you hop on the Internet. Fortunately, PureVPN protects all your information with AES 256-bit encryption, keeping it safe and sound on both public and private Wi-Fi networks.

PureVPN Apps Are Available For

Secure 10 different devices simultaneously with the best South Korea VPN. It can also be set up on routers, smart TVs, Amazon Fire Stick, gaming consoles, Kodi, and other devices.

Top 3 Questions People Ask About Using a VPN for Korea

Korean VPN

Is VPN Legal in South Korea?

Yes, it is 100% legal! Even though the South Korean government censors the Internet, it has yet to pass any laws deeming the use of VPNs illegal.

Does PureVPN Work in South Korea?

Indeed. PureVPN has VPN servers in South Korea that offer hundreds of Korean IP addresses and top-of-the-line encryption.

How do I Get a South Korean IP Address with a VPN?

All you have to do is grab a PureVPN account, download the app for your device, and connect to a Korean VPN server. Upon connection, your true IP address will be replaced with a South Korean one.

Do I Need a VPN in South Korea?

Yes. There are many benefits of using a VPN in South Korea, including but not limited to:

• Streaming your favorite overseas content
• Staying safe on private and public Wi-Fi networks
• Accessing the Internet censorship-free

How Do I Get a Korean VPN?

It’s quite easy! Just go to our order page, pick a PureVPN account, and pay for it using any one of our supported payment methods. Then, all that’s left is to download the VPN software or app on your device, and you’re good to go.

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