Why Our Content Filter Is The Best Ad Blocker?

There is something so easy and satisfying about reading a column in a physical magazine or newspaper, right? You turn the page, and there it is, without many distractions or mumbo-jumbo, in an incredibly well-designed typeface.

Web-based content, on the other hand, has become an exercise in frustration and agony nowadays. The experience of reading text on the internet only seems to be getting worse, and that has much to do with the ever-increasing proliferation of ads.

Ads have made browsing the internet unbearable and continue to clutter users’ experiences without even saying a word of sorry. They’re becoming smarter and more targeted every day, leaving us with no other option but to block out these nuisances with a  content filter.

How Ads Ruin Your Online Experience?

With digital advertising only getting more intrusive and pervasive by the minute, it doesn’t exactly have the best reputation amongst consumers. Pop-ups interrupt your browsing activities. Remarketing ads stalk you across the internet. Autoplaying videos bother (and embarrass) you wherever you go.

Ad Blocker

You can barely read an article without scrolling through countless ads and clicking on one of them by accident. Ugh! However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. That’s right. Here are some other ways how ads make you want to punch your own face:

  • Browsing becomes a pain as ads slow down page load times considerably.
  • Your system or device is left exposed to malware through malicious ads on websites.
  • Websites cluttered with ads make it difficult to read the content you’re trying to view.
  • Ads increase bandwidth usage and lead to higher data costs (if you rely on cellular data for internet access).
  • ‘Stalker’ ads track your online behavior to serve you targeted ads.

How to Block Ads?

If you (like many other internet users out there) have simply had enough of these annoying ads and are wondering how to get rid of them once and for all, then what you really need to get your hands on is, of course, an ad blocker.

And what is an ad blocker, exactly? Basically, it’s a catchall term for any piece of software (or even hardware) that is designed to keep advertisements from appearing on a web page. Sounds pretty useful, doesn’t it?

Ad Blocker

Though not a new phenomenon, ad blockers are becoming extremely popular quickly as ads have gone too far. According to Global Web Index, 40% of the internet users in the world have installed some kind of ad blocker, which if you look at the numbers, is up from just 28% in 2015.

And, ad blocker downloads are only expected to increase over time. With ads popping up out of nowhere, interrupting our online experiences and sucking up computing resources, it’s hard to blame internet users for climbing aboard this bandwagon.

Ad Blocker

Where Can You Find The Best Ad Blocker?

Well, you don’t need to go anywhere for the answer! PureVPN, your ever-reliable VPN service, comes with a FREE set of advanced features including Content Filter which keeps all sorts of ads from interrupting your browsing sessions.

The biggest difference between our Content Filter and other ad blockers on the market is that where the latter only block ads on the browser you’re using, our cutting-edge ad blocking technology goes one step beyond that by blocking ads at server-level.

PureVPN’s Ad Blocker Advantages

That said, what exactly makes our Content Filter better than the rest of the competition? Yes, you’ll come across many well-known browser extensions on the internet, but here’s what sets PureVPN apart from them:

For one, it quietly processes the web page you’re visiting and removes all unwanted advertising elements, including pop-ups, video ads, flashy banners, trackers and more, even before they are loaded onto your browser.

Since our Content Filter is more of a separate program than a browser extension, you can rest assured that it will get rid of ads in any browser – whether its Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera.

Furthermore, while it blocks ads by scanning web pages against pre-determined lists of advertising servers, users also have the freedom to whitelist ads they would like to see and blacklist any ads that they believe are intrusive or display inappropriate content.

That’s not all, though. In addition to increasing page load times and helping you save money on your monthly data bill, it also protects you from malware and tracking domains so that you can go about your online activities safely and with complete anonymity.

How to Get PureVPN’s Content Filter?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 and doesn’t take too much of your time, or effort. All you have to do is follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Head over to our order page and get a PureVPN subscription of 1 Month, 6 Months or 2 Years.
  2. Download and install the PureVPN app for any platform of your choice.
  3. Enter your credentials (they’re sent to your email address) to start using the VPN service.
  4. Every subscription plan comes packaged with our Content Filter and other advanced features without costing you anything extra.
  5. Switch ON the toggle and experience the internet how you want it to be: ad-free!

Final Word

So, are you looking for a way to clean up the internet from obnoxious advertisements? Then, an ad blocker is just the tool you need, and what better way to block those pesky ads for good than our Content Filter – your shield against anything intrusive!

With PureVPN by your side, a smooth, ad-free online experience becomes a reality. All it takes is a click of the button, and our Content Filter takes care of the rest to make every browsing session absolutely free from ads.

Haris Shahid Haris Shahid has a genuine passion in covering the latest happenings in the cyber security, privacy, and digital landscape. He likes getting out and about, but mostly ends up spending too much of his time behind a computer keyboard. He tweets at @harisshahid01

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