Top 4 Free Anonymous Email Accounts

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Digital SecurityTop 4 Free Anonymous Email Accounts

Not so long ago, internet privacy was dead, and no one batted an eye. However, thanks to whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden, netizens are becoming more vigilant. While everything you do on the Internet is not confined between your device and the web browser you use, achieving a certain degree of anonymity is no longer an impossible endeavor.

Technologies such as virtual private networks (VPNs) exist to make your browsing more secure and private. Moreover, with privacy concerns arising due to email scanning, anonymous email accounts are also increasing in popularity. These services make it possible to send emails without revealing your real identity in the process.

Here, we’ll discuss the four best free anonymous email providers that you can use to stay hidden on emails. But first…

Why Do You Need an Anonymous Email Account?

There are many reasons why people like you and me may need to create an anonymous email account, including but not limited to:

Fight Spam

Even the most popular email providers do not protect you from the notorious practice of email address harvesting. Most people are unaware of the fact that specific tools and software can be used to extract email addresses from different sources on the web. This information is then used for bulk emailing or spamming, which can clutter your inbox!

Avoid Pesky Advertisements

Did you know that email providers like Yahoo and Gmail scan your email content to sell your data to advertisers? While the practice was ended in 2017 at Google, it is believed that Yahoo still reads your emails for ad targeting it is better to permanently delete yahoo account. With an anonymous email account, you will not have to worry about seeing ads based on the text in your emails.

Speak Freely

People can use extra features like burner emails to break bad news or give negative feedback anonymously. If you are not sure how the news or feedback you are about to give may impact the recipient, it is wise to use a free anonymous email.

Blow the Whistle

People may also use an anonymous email to blow the whistle on wrongdoing while evading repercussions. It is quite similar to a phone tip but more effective as one can provide concrete proof to support it. If done right, it can be a great tool to disclose information concerning the socially harmful or illegal actions of a group or person.

Top 4 Free Anonymous Email Providers

While there are many email providers that offer encrypted email services, let’s face it – not all of them have what it takes to hide your online identity. Why? Because encryption alone is not enough if you want to send anonymous emails

Your email provider can still log your name, view recipients and subject lines, as well as track your actual IP and location. If you want to send confidential emails while keeping your identity hidden, take a look at this list of the best anonymous email providers with free accounts:

1.    Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla mail is a great free anonymous email provider that allows users to send and receive temporary, disposable emails. These emails are purged every hour, but the address itself doesn’t expire. You can use any of their ‘scrambled email addresses’ or create your own without entering any personal information.

However, if you’re still skeptical of the service, you can even send a completely anonymous email without creating an account. And since the service doesn’t have an option to view sent items, you can rest assured that no one can ever read what you wrote.

The app has a simple user interface with basic controls for sending and receiving messages. You can also change your inbox ID to another email address and receive all incoming emails on the screen which automatically refreshes every 10 seconds.

This is ideal for websites you need to register an account for without subjecting your personal email account to spam. It even allows you to send a file attachment up to 150MB. What more can you wish from a service that doesn’t cost a dime.

2.    Tutanota

Tutanota is a popular choice among security and privacy enthusiasts. The German-based service uses AES and RSA encryption protocols to secure not just the emails but your whole inbox, including the contact list and subject lines.

All Tutanota emails are encrypted from end-to-end, and these are then decrypted right on the device. An email account is all that you need to exchange messages securely with other Tutanota users.  However, if you need to send secure emails to non-users, you can use a pre-shared password for the recipient to view the message in their browser, which also allows them to reply securely.

The web interface is quite simple, with a one-click option to send an email privately or not. However, the downside is that you cannot search for past emails as there’s no search function available. Tutanota routes your emails from a different IP address so that your real IP and location remain untraceable at all times and no personal info is required to create an account.

Another plus point to mention here is the software’s open-source nature. The free plan comes with plentiful storage of 1GB. You can also jump up to 1TB of storage and 100 aliases with a paid plan.

3.    Mailfence

Belgium-based Mailfence is a secure and private email service that offers nifty security features like end-to-end encryption. Moreover, the two-factor authorization feature ensures that your messages can only be read by no one but yourself and the recipient.

The email address and web interface incorporate OpenPGP public key encryption. You can create a key pair for your account and manage a store of keys for people you want to email securely. However, the service can only be used to send encrypted emails to people who use OpenPGP and have a public key available.

For the free version, Malfeasance offers up to 500MB storage. If that’s insufficient, you may opt for any of the paid plans that offer as much as 20GB storage and 50 aliases along with extra features like full mobile support, customized interface, etc.

4.    CyberAtlantis

If you are looking for a hassle-free way to send emails anonymously, then look no further than CyberAtlantis. All you have to do is visit their website, and you are greeted with a simple design that is not too flashy.

You have to specify the recipient’s email address, the subject line of your message, and of course, the body. Users also have the option of adding PGP encryption to their emails by entering the PGP public key of the recipient.

And that is all – your actual IP address will be removed when you send the email, making it close to impossible for the message to be traced back to you. However, given the service is free, there is no support available.

Some Other Ways Anonymous Email Accounts Prove Useful

Sending Emails without Registration

If you want to send emails without prior registration and can make do without a response, then a one-way anonymous email service like 5ymail or W3 Anonymous Remailer is what you need. However, note that there is no way to receive a reply.

Receiving Emails

Simply had enough of newsletters or offers cluttering your inbox? Your best bet is to get a temporary email address and this is precisely where an anonymous inbox-only email service such as TrashMail or Mailnesia can help you.

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