How to Maintain Social Distancing in a Digital World to Remain Safe from All Virus & Infections

How to Maintain Social Distancing in a Digital World to Remain Safe from All Virus & Infections

Our lifestyles have undergone significant disruption, with the coronavirus abruptly turning our physical lives into digital ones in just a few weeks. Meetings have turned into video calls, night outs with friends have been reduced to watch parties on Facebook, and individuals of all ages are doing their best to practice social distancing which requires one to maintain a good physical distance, to avoid touching, and to stay home unless it’s an emergency.

This requires a shift in mindset and a great deal of education. In an uncertain time like this, humans need to redefine how they interact with each other, and to truly fight the menace that is threatening the lives of countless humans across the planet. However, the precautions that are being prescribed for prevention of this virus are not new. It is almost surprising to see that that prevention from the virus is possible by interacting the same way we do online: with vigilance.

How to Maintain Social Distancing in a Digital World to Remain Safe from All Virus & Infections

Mask your identity

It is common practice not to share your personal details online. This element of privacy is akin to using a mask, something that everyone is doing now. No matter if you are online or on the street, keeping your face hidden will keep you safe from all sorts of troubles and worries. Masking your private data is always the smart thing to do.

Clean every time

Every time there is an update release for any program, app, or software that you use, it is highly recommended that you instantly update it. This helps you keep your devices and the data they hold, safe from all malware and digital viruses. Hackers have a huge online community and they get stronger every day, and they’re constantly on the lookout for “zero day” breaches that they can exploit if there’s a discovered vulnerability in software. By updating your software as soon as you can, you get ahead of the hackers before they find you. 

Similarly, every time you return to your home, it is highly important to wash your hands properly and disinfect yourself. It won’t hurt to do it every time. But it may hurt if you miss out on it once.

DDoS Prevention

This is quite technical, but it has the potential to affect anyone. While network engineers are the ones who end up needing to fix these issues, you’re the one who ends up seeing them first. A DDoS attack happens when a server gets more requests than what it is capable of handling. This results in system failure and service outage, which is why websites you are trying to access at times are unreachable; believe it or not, that’s typically a result of a DDoS, and they’re more common than you think. To mitigate outages like these, the system administrators of web servers often implement caps on the amount of data each user can access from the server, so that one connection doesn’t overload the other. This allows everyone to use the service equally.

When the coronavirus started initially spreading, people rushed to the nearest supermarket and bought everything they could get their hands on. This resulted in severe shortages of essential items such as hand sanitizers, soaps, toilet paper, and others. Because of this, many supermarkets continue to face shortages and many people cannot find the items they need.

To overcome this situation, a strategy, similar to DDoS protection has been put in place, limiting shoppers to buy only fewer quantities of items every time they visit the grocery store.

Reliable Protection

Last but not the least, you need to be protected in the physical and digital domains. Online, you can use a VPN which will keep you protected from all online malice, such as virus, malware, Trojans, cyber-attacks, and hacks. We might be biased, but the best VPN to keep you safe online at all times is PureVPN. It gives you anonymity, encrypts your communication, and hides your identity online at all times.

For protection against biological viruses, ensure that you wash your hands with soap every time you return home. Practice good hygiene, and if the condition seems unstable, consult a doctor.

Final Words

Viruses are notorious. They would continue to invade our lifestyles and cause troubles. Its true that viruses never get wiped out totally. They always return stronger and cause havoc. It’s always better to be prepared. 

When it comes to digital viruses, stay safe and remain prepared with a VPN connected on your device. It can keep you safe from all online attacks, and protect your precious data and personal information.

Bilal Khalid Bilal Khalid likes to channel his positivity to make the internet a safe place for humans. He spends his leisure time following his favorite sports and TV shows, loves tech, and tweets @bilalistein.

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