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How to Play Games on Xbox xCloud from Anywhere

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Industry NewsHow to Play Games on Xbox xCloud from Anywhere

What is Project xCloud?

For years now, Microsoft has largely dominated gaming rooms with its Xbox device. Now, it’s heading towards a more portable style with its Project xCloud.

By simply integrating Xbox One over a streaming platform, Microsoft promises the xCloud will offer low-latency cloud-powered gaming, beginning with mobile devices – primarily Android-powered devices.

Microsoft’s game streaming ambitions ride on its cloud infrastructure, serving full-fledged Xbox One games to your mobile phone. With reports on tests dating back to 2012, Xbox has committed considerable resources to tackle challenges of latency.

Countries where xCloud is Available

Currently, Project xCloud is only available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Korea. While the next generation of portable gaming is set for expansion, the three territories kick start Microsoft’s Project xCloud game plan.

The rollout puts Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Gaming Cloud Kareem Choudhry’s comments in order regarding the deployment where he said xCloud will be available in “Europe, Asia, and North America.”

Devices that Support xCloud

You’ll need an Android 6.0 or higher device hooked up to a Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One controller and a 10Mbps+ internet connection. While Microsoft has unveiled plans for touch input, it’s not available for current tests.

iOS devices are not supported at this point in time. Maybe in the future, when a global rollout takes place, we may be able to play xCloud on iOS devices.

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How to Play Project xCloud?

Project xCloud (Preview) is by invite only. Players will need to have an eligible Android device and controller to sign up. Microsoft understands that a lot of people will register for a limited number of spots, which is why they’ve explicitly said that invites may not be sent until several months after registration.

Here are the steps:

  1. Register for Project xCloud (Preview)

To register for xCloud, you will need a Microsoft account. In case you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can create one for free during the registration process.

  1. Microsoft will email you with the next steps

If you’re among the lucky ones who are chosen to begin the technical preview, Microsoft will send you an acceptance email with the next steps, keep in mind that it may take a while before you hear back from them.

Note: xCloud will only accept a limited number of participants in the initial test, but will admit new players throughout the year.

  1. Get the Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) app

Once you are accepted to xCloud, install the app to your Android device. Once installed, head over to the Project xCloud section of the app and log in with the account you used to register for the preview.

  1. Pair your Xbox Wireless Controller

You’ll have pairing options within the app to pair your Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth and the mobile device.

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How Many Games are Available on xCloud?

More than 50 games are available on xCloud, which you can conveniently play on your Android mobile phone or tablet. During the Preview, you don’t need to own games or a console. Furthermore, Microsoft will keep on adding games for you to discover and play.

How you can play xCloud Outside the US, UK, and South Korea

Since Project xCloud is limited to three countries, it’s a big turnoff if you’re located outside the US, UK, and Korea, and have been anxiously waiting to play xCloud as soon as it is launched.

You can still do so with a gaming VPN. PureVPN’s gaming VPN will render you instant access to Project xCloud where you can play games from any corner of the globe! All you need to do is:

  1. Sign up for PureVPN.
  2. Download and install the app on your Android device
  3. Connect to a server in the US, UK, or South Korea

You can also get PureVPN’s region-specific Dedicated IP and enjoy instant access to the games that are unavailable in your region.

Viola, you’re all set. Once connected to a server where the game is available, you can conveniently play games available on Project xCloud from anywhere in the world.

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