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Why Do You Need a VPN for Gaming?

A gaming VPN significantly improves your online gaming experience by:

Personalized Match making

Connect to any location of your choice and enjoy blazing-fast matchmaking queue times. This helps save time and connects you instantly to games such as Dota 2, PUBG, Fortnite, CSGO, and others.

Access All Regions

If you’re living outside the US, you may face difficulties connecting to servers and other platforms due to various regional licensing restrictions. With a gaming VPN like ours that allows you to connect to hundreds of servers all over the world, you get instant access to regional limited games and content

Port Forwarding [Add-on]

Perhaps the best aspect of a gaming VPN, the Port Forwarding helps you evade issues where you’re unable to play multiplayer games due to ports being blocked. Conveniently open ports with port forwarding without having to worry about your home, school, or work admin ever finding out!

Complete Entertainment

It doesn’t matter where you’re located or where you’re headed. With a VPN, you can connect anywhere. For example, connect to a US server and carry on streaming content available in the US Netflix library (or any other country of your choice)

DDoS Protection [Add-on]

Getting a DDoS attack while gaming can fill you up with rage. PureVPN’s DDoS Add-on protects you from most complex DDoS attacks since your real IP is masked, so you never have to worry about getting flooded when gaming. (We’re also going to absorb the brunt of the attack, so you’re not ever going to truly be the victim.)

Avoid ISP Throttling

Streaming consumes most of your bandwidth, and that gives ISP a reason to charge you for consuming additional bandwidth or to slow you down considerably, which means you’re not going to have a good gaming experience. With a VPN, ISPs can’t figure out how much bandwidth you’ve consumed, so you will not be responsible to pay anything extra (or be throttled!).

Popular Games VPN Supports

From PUBG to Dota 2, you can conveniently play in any region from anywhere in the world by using a VPN.

Try PureVPN Full Access. Cancel Anytime!
Gaming VPN Popular Games

Benefits of using a VPN for Gaming

Early Access to New Games

If a game has been released in early access (beta) outside of your country, then a gaming VPN is the best way to get into that region and start enjoying the content. Let’s say a new game is open to the US but you live in a timezone 6 or 10 hours away. Just connect to a US server and you’re in, baby!

Customized servers with VPN

Tired of playing through the same server? PureVPN’s server selection lets you play in any region of your choice, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa, or Australia. (In fact, we’re available in 140+ countries.)

Multi-Login Up to 10 Devices

The PureVPN multi-login feature supports up to 10 devices at a time, allowing anyone in the family to enjoy gaming, streaming, anonymity, and much more simultaneously. Keep your loved ones safe while you are gaming securely with PureVPN.

Data Protection

PureVPN offers state-of-the-art AES 256-bit encryption which secures your online connection against prying eyes. You can continue gaming without worrying about someone ambushing your session.

Our Footprint Covers 180+ Locations

Over 6,500 servers and 300,000 IPs are always there to ensure complete accessibility.

VPN for Gaming – Frequently Asked Questions

Is a VPN good for gaming?

Absolutely. Besides protection, you get something we haven’t yet discussed: a VPN for gaming can immensely lower the cost of purchasing new games. You can do so by connecting with a VPN to any country that’s offering the game at a lower rate than other regions. Also, you can fiercely compete in tournaments that are unavailable in your region.

With a Gaming VPN, your online security gets a boost as you’re secured with encryption.

Does a VPN reduce ping?

A VPN does not reduce your ping unless your ISP has routing issues. However, although it connects you to the nearest gaming server of your chosen VPN location, so you technically should be good to go to get a good ping. If your ISP suffers from packet loss, then you might face slower Internet speeds, but that’s because the ISP sits between you and the VPN and it isn’t a function of the VPN you’re using. A VPN has nothing to do with the reduction of ping in this instance.

How to setup a VPN for online gaming in 3 steps

  • Subscribe to a VPN plan.
  • Download and install a VPN on your device.
  • Connect to a VPN server of your choice.
  • Enjoy an online gaming experience like never before.

Does a VPN slow down gaming?

A VPN does not slow your online gaming. To your surprise, if your ISP is actively throttling your Internet connection when you game, a VPN could speed up your connection speeds as it dodges ISP throttling. Your VPN can be as fast as your ISP connection in other instances, though.

Do all gaming platforms support VPNs?

A VPN is a standalone software that isn’t dependent on any gaming platform. This means you can use a VPN on any gaming platform to either access a game that isn’t in your region, open ports of a game that are blocked, buy a game that’s on a discount in another region, and so much more. Download the best gaming VPN for gaming today and experience a gaming experience like never before.

Do ping boosters work?

Ping boosters have been known to work for some people. However, their effect is different for people in different locations and can vary depending on the location of a gaming server. The best solution for an optimal ping is to download a gaming VPN trial, manually try out a few servers and choose the one that offers the lowest ping.

Can you optimize a VPN for gaming with OpenVPN?

The choice of a protocol directly affects encryption strength and your internet speed. The UDP (OpenVPN) protocol is almost always faster than TCP (OpenVPN) because it doesn’t force the server to verify the receipt of all data packets and resend lost packets. In short, you can optimize a VPN with OpenVPN settings for the best online gameplay.

Can I play games from other regions?

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN service for gaming purposes. Whether it’s a free VPN for gaming or a paid VPN for gaming, both are legitimate. However, free VPNs do not offer the services close to the ones provided by a paid VPN service.

Can I use a VPN to game on mobile?

Yes, you can use a VPN to play games on your mobile devices. PureVPN offers a native app for Android and iOS devices optimized for the best online gaming experience.

Are VPNs allowed on Steam?

Your Steam account isn’t associated with your IP. It’s associated with your home country and the billing address. This means you can use a VPN without any issues and even purchase games as long as you use your correct home country store that’s associated with your billing address.