Many people are interested to know, how to send email anonymously. It is extremely easy to create a hoax by sending anonymous e-mails. Many people are interested in having fun by sending anonymous e-mails and making others fool by providing incorrect information. This is a powerful tool for people who want to turn their April fool’s day in hilarious day of life.

VPN Offers Email Security & Anonymity

VPN provides a totally private environment while browsing websites and exchanging e-mails. No,  any third party such as government authorities, Internet Service providers (ISP), cyber criminals, gateways and spyware can track your online e-mail and browsing activities. Virtual Private Network comes with many secure protocols that encrypt e-mails. VPN secure protocols are IPsec, SSL, SSH, L2TP, and PPTP etc. Different VPN protocols offer different level of encryption and thus provide a different level of Email security. With higher level of encryption, users get a higher level of email security. For example, Layer2 Tunneling Protocol offers stronger email security than Point-to-Point tunneling protocol (PPTP). Different encryption levels are 128 bit, 192 bit and 256 bit. Encryption consists of the algorithm and key. Hence, it is recommended to buy a VPN to get advantage of high encryption level security while browsing websites, network resources and exchanging mails.

Use VPN to Create an Anonymous E-mail Account

Let’s try to know, how to send email anonymously using VPN. As we know VPN offers encrypted email security, that cannot be read by any third party except the recipient.  Now, if you want to send anonymous e-mails, you can create an entirely anonymous e-mail account by changing your IP address. VPN enables users to change IP addresses easily. IP address signifies your country, ISP, city name and location. When you use an IP address of different country or location, guarding authorities cannot trace exact location from where mail was sent, and you always live anonymously.

Use Re-mailers to Send E-mail Anonymously

Let’s understand how to send email anonymously using Re-mailers. A Re-mailer service provides an intermediate server that receives the mail message along with the destination e-mail id, where the e-mail needs to be sent next. The re-mailer sends the mail to final destination without revealing the sender’s e-mail id and other details. Some popular re-mailers are Cypherpunk anonymous remailer, Mixmaster anonymous remailer and Nym servers. Only the Remailer servers acknowledge the exact IP address or e-mail id of the sender. The final recipient is totally unknown of the sender’s e-mail id and IP address.

VPN Adds Security To Re-mailer Service

When you send e-mails to re-mailer websites, the remailer service can track your IP address and exact location of mail creation. As VPN enables users to change and hide IP address, e-mail senders can easily deceive the re-mailer service by using different IP address. When you use a IP address of different location, the re-mailer website does not trace your exact location. Thus, you get complete anonymity and email security.


By using these services, a person can easily send e-mail anonymously. When you use an anonymous e-mail service through VPN, you are not only able to hide your e-mail id but also your IP address. Moreover, the secure protocols encrypt the messages and government authorities are not able to trace them or read them. Thus, with VPN you get maximum email security and complete anonymity while sending anonymous e-mails to your colleagues, boss and beloved one. People can use VPN services on different PC systems such as Desktops, Netbooks, Tablets, iPads and iPhones.

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