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Prepare for the highly anticipated web series The Trial: Pyaar, Kannoon, Dhoka, in which the renowned actress Kajol will return to the screen. The Trial revolves around a housewife’s journey as she returns to work at a law firm to support her family when her husband faces imprisonment. Brace yourself for intense courtroom drama, powerful performances, and an engaging storyline that will keep you hooked from start to finish. 

However, you might face a roadblock while accessing Hotstar. It is an Indian platform that is restricted to other parts of the world due to licensing agreements. Therefore, you cannot watch The Trial in the US unless you use a premium VPN service and bypass all geo-blocks that get in the way of your streaming. 

Read on to find out more about it: 

How to watch The Trial in US on Hotstar

The Trial has been generating enormous buzz on social media. However, as the web series is set to be released exclusively on Hotstar, it may not be accessible outside of India. But don’t worry! In just a few minutes, PureVPN can resolve all your concerns, so that you can watch The Trial in US.

Follow the simple steps to get started:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
  2. Download our app on your preferred device.
  3. Connect to an Indian server.
  4. Open Disney+ Hotstar and log in or sign up.
  5. Congratulations, you are all set to watch The Trial in the US or from any part of the world!

Why is Hotstar restricted in the US?

Hotstar is a popular platform among viewers because of its award-winning TV series, movies, and documentaries. However, those outside of India are unable to access it because of the geo-restrictions imposed by Hotstar as a result of licensing agreements. This is why trying to access Hotstar from in the US will result in an error warning.

Fortunately, you can get rid of this problem only with the use of a good VPN. In this case, PureVPN is the most viable option, which will help you connect to an Indian server and make you appear as someone trying to access the channel from within the country. And that’s how you will be able to navigate through Hotstar and watch The Trial outside of India. This lets you watch Hotstar’s award-winning content.

The Trial: Pyaar, Kaanoon, Dhokha release date

The Trial will premiere on Hotstar in India on July 14, 2023.

Plot summary 

In The Trial, we delve into the life of Noyonika Sengupta, a dedicated housewife who finds herself thrust into the complex world of law and politics. Because her husband is imprisoned, Meera takes it upon herself to provide for her family by returning to work at a prestigious law firm. As she navigates the demanding legal landscape, Meera discovers hidden truths, political intrigue, and personal sacrifices. With each case she tackles, she uncovers a web of corruption, manipulation, and power struggles that extend far beyond the courtroom. As she fights for justice and strives to protect her loved ones, she faces numerous challenges that test her resilience and determination. The Trial explores the depths of her journey, highlighting the complexities of the legal system and the indomitable spirit of a woman on a quest for truth. And the good news is that you can now enjoy Kajol’s tremendous performance and watch The Trial: Pyaar, Kanoon or Dhoka in the US.

Official trailer of The Trial: Pyaar, Kaanoon, Dhokha

Check out the trailer for The Trial right here:

Official cast

This is the outstanding cast of The Trial:

  • Kajol as Noyonika Sengupta
  • Jisshu Sengupta as Rajeev Sengupta
  • Kubra Sait as Sana
  • Sheeba Chaddha
  • Alyy Khan
  • Gaurav Pandey as Dhiraj Paswan
  • Vijay Vikram Singh
  • Swayam Joshi
  • Haelyn Shastri
  • Sheena Chohan
  • Nirbhay Jain
  • Nancy Gill

Is there any way to watch The Trial for free in US?

Yes! Hotstar has a 30-day free trial for its premium package subscribers. Therefore, you can stream The Trial and other unlimited Hotstar content for a month for absolutely free! However, to access Hotstar, you need to use a reliable VPN like PureVPN to bypass all the geo-blocks.

Frequently asked questions 

How can I watch The Trial in the US?

To watch The Trial in the US or in any part of the world, use a top-notch premium VPN service like PureVPN. PureVPN gets around all Hotstar geo-blocks within seconds, allowing you seamless access to the platform.

Can I watch The Trial on Netflix?

No, The Trial is a Hotstar special production, so it won’t come to Netflix.

What else can I watch on Hotstar?

Hotstar offers a library of titles. Check out some of these popular titles on Hotstar:

  • Criminal Justice 
  • The Night Manager
  • Special Ops
  • Out of Love
  • City of Dreams
  • Hostages

Is The Trial inspired by The Good Wife?

Yes, The Trial is inspired by the American legal and political drama television series The Good Wife.

PureVPN – The Best VPN to watch The Trial in the US

PureVPN has dozens of VPN servers in India to give you hassle-free access to Hotstar from anywhere.

With PureVPN, bypassing Hotstar’s geo-blocks and anti-VPN measures takes a few seconds, allowing you to watch ‘The Trial’ no matter where you are. Even if you run into a snag while accessing Hotstar, you can reach out to our 24/7 customer support team via live chat for instant solutions.

Furthermore, with servers that support up to 20 Gbps speeds, you get to enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience on any device using PureVPN. Still not sure if PureVPN is the right fit for you? We offer a 31-day money-back guarantee, giving you the opportunity to secure your purchase.

What other streaming services can you access with PureVPN?

You can use PureVPN to watch more movies and TV shows by accessing a wide range of other geo-restricted streaming services, such as:


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