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Get ready for the wildest real estate adventure ever! Zillow Gone Wild is hitting your screens, and it’s gonna be a riot! Hosted by the one and only Jack McBrayer, this show is all about exploring the craziest, most out-there homes you’ve ever seen in America. From missile silos to fairy tale cottages, this show has got it all ! Tune in to HGTV on May 3rd at 10:30 PM ET/PT for the premiere.

Sadly, you cannot watch Zillow Gone Wild outside the US due to regional limitations. But don’t fret! There’s a solution. By using a top-notch VPN service, you can easily bypass these barriers and enjoy the show from anywhere in the world hassle-free.

Continue reading to know how you can watch Zillow Gone Wild outside US via PureVPN:

How to watch Zillow Gone Wild outside US on HGTV

With PureVPN, you can easily watch Zillow Gone Wild outside the US without any hurdles. Simply use a reliable VPN service like PureVPN and say goodbye to all pesky geographical barriers effortlessly.

Here’s how to get started with PureVPN: 
  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
  2. Download our app on your preferred device.
  3. Connect to a server in US.
  4. Sign in to HGTV on your computer using your credentials.
  5. Watch Zillow Gone Wild outside US hassle-free!

watch Zillow Gone Wild online

Where to watch Zillow Gone Wild outside the US?

Watch Zillow Gone Wild outside the US on HGTV with PureVPN!  Use PureVPN to bypass HGTV’s regional blocking and enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

Why is HGTV restricted outside the US?

HGTV’s content is restricted outside the US due to regional limitations. You will encounter an error messages if you try to access any of its content across the world

Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. PureVPN can help by hiding your digital location, making it appear as if you’re in the US. With this smart workaround, you can watch Zillow Gone Wild outside the US or from anywhere on the map, making it your go-to entertainment no matter where you are!

What is the Zillow Gone Wild Release Date?

Zillow Gone Wild premieres on HGTV on Friday, May 3rd at 10:30 PM ET/PT.

What is the Storyline of Zillow Gone Wild?

Zillow Gone Wild follows Jack McBrayer as he travels around the US, checking out the weirdest houses for sale. In each episode, he visits homes that are super strange – like a castle made of glass or a house with a pirate ship in the backyard! Jack meets the people who own these houses and hears their stories. Sometimes, the owners are artists or designers who wanted to make something really unique. Other times, they’re just regular people who have a wild imagination.

But here’s the catch: these houses aren’t just weird – they’re also full of surprises! There might be hidden rooms, crazy decorations, or even secret passages.Throughout the show, Jack learns about the history of each house and why it’s so special. And even though some of the homes are pretty out there, they all have one thing in common – they’re filled with personality and creativity. So if you’re curious about the most unusual homes in America, Zillow Gone Wild is the show for you!

What is the Cast of Zillow Gone Wild?

The cast of Zillow Gone Wild includes:

  • Jack McBrayer (Host)
  • Homeowners and Buyers

What is the Episode Count of Zillow Gone Wild?

Zillow Gone Wild consists of seven episodes in its first season.Here is the breakdown:

Episode NoNameOverviewRelease Date
Episode 1Time To Get WildJack explores a newly renovated missile silo and a fairy tale cottage with unique connections.May 3
Episode 2What Wild Lies InsideJack tours a unique schoolhouse, a mountaintop gem, and two deceptive homes.June 7
Episode 3Wild, HoJack visits a home hiding pirate’s treasure, a house built on a bridge, and a historic New Orleans home.May 31
Episode 4Horns Domes and TurretsJack explores a converted church, a color burst in the desert, and a slice of repurposed history.May 24
Episode 5Take Me Over the RainbowJack visits a home inspired by a musical instrument, an earth-dome compound, and a regal residence.May 17
Episode 6No Wild Stone UnturnedJack tours the former home of Hollywood royalty, explores Gold Rush territory, and learns about natural building.May 10
Episode 7Wild Houses, Assemble!Jack explores a listing inspired by marine biology, a metal-and-glass marvel, and a unique property in Santa Barbara.June 14

What is the Genre of Zillow Gone Wild?

Zillow Gone Wild  falls into the genre of real estate and lifestyle television, combining elements of comedy, exploration, and showcasing unconventional homes across America.

Zillow Gone Wild Official Trailer

Unfortunately,  the official trailer for Zillow Gone Wild hasn’t been released yet.

The Hype on Social Media 

Check out the hype on social media about Zillow Gone Wild:


Is HGTV free?

You can stream HGTV for free on the HGTV website and app, but you’ll need to create an account. However, some content may require a subscription.

Can I watch Zillow Gone Wild for free?

Yes, you can watch Zillow Gone Wild for free on HGTV’s website and app. However, you may need to create an account to access it.

How long is each episode?

Each episode is approximately half an hour long.

Who is the host of Zillow Gone Wild?

Jack McBrayer, known for his role in 30 Rock, is the host.

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