Is Malwarebytes Safe

Is Malwarebytes Safe? Benefits and Potential Threats To Know

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With a 762 victim count, malware may look harmless, but after being combined with phishing attacks, its effect increases to over 3 million. 

To prevent malware attacks, many software are introduced. However, in this blog, we’ll discuss Malwarebytes and its functions, and find out if Malwarebytes is safe. 

Is Malwarebytes Safe

Things You Should Know About Malwarebytes

Before learning if Malwarebytes is safe, we’ll explore what exactly it is. Malwarebytes is software used for detecting and getting rid of malicious software programs. 

With increasing cyberattacks affecting many, it is essential to have a reliable antivirus and anti-malware solution. 

How Does Malwarebytes Work?

Malwarebytes combines advanced scanning and malware removal strategies, making it the best for deleting malware. 

  • It employs a multi-layered method to scan and detect malware on your laptop. When you conduct a test, it examines your system for present malware signatures, patterns, and activities. This approach enables it to pick out threats like zero-day threats.
  • Also, one of Malwarebytes’ strengths lies in its heuristic evaluation. This entails identifying hidden malicious code primarily based on their behavior. 
  • In addition to on-demand scanning, Malwarebytes offers real-time safety. This function actively monitors your system for suspicious movements and incoming threats. 
  • Malwarebytes is regularly used alongside traditional antivirus software. While antivirus programs focus on stopping and eliminating an extensive range of threats, inclusive of viruses, Trojans, and worms, Malwarebytes specializes in detecting and disposing of different kinds of malware, consisting of spyware and PUPs. 

Is Malwarebytes Safe to Use?

Malwarebytes has globally appeared as a reputable cybersecurity software. It has been in the industry for over 15 years and protects users from malware and online threats.

But is it safe? 

It’s not wrong to think of an anti-purpose software also to be infected. So, why learn more about it before using it?  

Ranked as no.1 Anti-malware Software

Malwarebytes has earned its position as the number one anti-malware software, with 17,000+ user reviews on its official website. Its dedication to protecting customers from malware, ransomware, adware, and different malicious software has indeed been proved by many. 

Key Features of Malwarebytes

Removes Malware With Ease

One of Malwarebytes’ key features is to remove each form of malware with ease. This includes viruses, Trojans, worms, adware, and PUPs. 

For instance, AV-Comparatives, a leading antivirus organization, presented Malwarebytes with a top rating of “Advanced+” in its malware detection and removal tests.

Trusted by Many

Malwarebytes is a widespread desire among users, with over 100 million downloads internationally. Users continually praise Malwarebytes for its ease of use, effectiveness, and value for cash.

Protects You in Real-Time

Malwarebytes offers real-time protection that actively monitors your system for any suspicious activities or incoming threats. This characteristic ensures that malware is removed before it can compromise your laptop or information.

Web Protection: Preventing Malware’s Right Hand, Phishing

Malwarebytes offers internet protection to save you from having access to malicious websites, thereby reducing the threat of falling victim to phishing scams or downloading infected documents.

Ransomware Protection

With the rising risk of ransomware assaults, Malwarebytes has incorporated ransomware safety, which safeguards your documents from being encrypted and held hostage by malicious actors.

Is Malwarebytes Safe to Download?

Downloading Malwarebytes directly from official and reputable sources guarantees its safety and reliability. 

However, like many popular software packages, there’s always the chance of counterfeit or malicious variations circulating on the net. 

To guarantee the protection of your download, don’t forget the following steps:

  • Malwarebytes has always been downloaded from its reliable website; that’s the most steady and reliable way.
  • Avoid downloading Malwarebytes from third-party sites or download hyperlinks that pop up through ads. These assets can also provide counterfeit or changed versions, compromising your PC’s security.
  • When downloading from a reliable website, ensure the connection is stable with “https://” within the URL. This suggests that the website uses SSL encryption to defend your data for the duration of the download.
  • Don’t download an outdated version of Malwarebytes and go for the latest one.
  • Before downloading any software program, like Malwarebytes, it is helpful to study evaluations and remarks from other users. This can come up with insights into the legitimacy and protection of the download source.

Does Malwarebytes Contain Malware?

No, the valid Malwarebytes software does not have malware. Malwarebytes is a reputable cybersecurity device broadly used to detect and remove malware and other online threats. However, it’s far too critical to emphasize the importance of downloading Malwarebytes from legitimate and relied-on sources.

Is Malwarebytes Safe for My Computer?

Malwarebytes is usually secure to your laptop; however, it is essential to consider some elements to ensure it works efficiently with your device.

It is well suited to various running systems, which include Windows, macOS, and Android. It has compatible versions for every of these platforms.

Malwarebytes is designed to be a lightweight application. It’s intended to run in the background without impacting overall performance. 

How Does Malwarebytes Protect My Privacy?

Malwarebytes is not only used for protecting your computer from malware and online threats; it is also designed to safeguard your privacy. Here, we will discuss the privacy strategies used by Malwarebytes.

Does Not Collect Personal Data

Malwarebytes do not gather personally identifiable information (PII) from your PC. It is designed for detecting and putting off malware and other online threats. Your personal information remains hidden and untouched.

Anonymous Telemetry

Malwarebytes does accumulate anonymous usage data, like telemetry, to improve its software and risk detection skills. 

Opt-In Telemetry

Users have the option to opt out of telemetry data collection. This way, you could manage whether or not Malwarebytes sends anonymous information for development functions.

Privacy VPN

Malwarebytes is known as antivirus software; however, it also has features like Virtual Private Network. By using its privacy VPN, you can block companies or any other entity from seeing your IP and change your location with 500+ servers available in 40+ countries.

Its Privacy VPN can secure your WiFi network, provide supersonic speed, has a no-log feature, and encrypts your data with 256-bit encryption.

Is Malwarebytes Safe for My Mobile Device?

Malwarebytes can safely protect your mobile from numerous online threats, malware, phishing, and undesirable apps. Android customers can download Malwarebytes from the reputable Google Play Store. Ensure that you are downloading the legitimate Malwarebytes app to avoid counterfeit versions.

It gives features consisting of malware detection and removal, real-time protection, and app scanning. It helps safeguard your device from malicious apps and different threats.

It additionally includes privacy features, such as the ability to notice and block undesirable calls, messages, and junk mail.

Malwarebytes is also compatible with iOS and can be obtained from the Apple App Store.

On iOS, Malwarebytes commonly focuses on privacy and security for data, inclusive of undesirable calls and messages, rather than traditional malware detection. iOS is typically much more stable, and Apple has apps that remove conventional malware.

Does Malwarebytes Offer Customer Support?

Yes, Malwarebytes offers customer service to assist you with any issues, questions, or worries. 

It maintains a dedicated support site wherein customers can find functions consisting of FAQs, consumer reviews, video tutorials, and troubleshooting blogs. This is the best way to find solutions to your questions and issues.

Malwarebytes hosts community forums where users can interact, share ratings, and are looking for assistance from each of the Malwarebytes support crew and fellow customers.  

Premium customers of Malwarebytes usually have access to a phone number, which lets them directly speak with consultants.

Is Malwarebytes Safe for Businesses?

Malwarebytes offers various cybersecurity solutions tailored to satisfy the unique needs of corporations and businesses. 

Malwarebytes affords business-precise cybersecurity solutions that offer comprehensive safety against malware, ransomware, and different online threats. These answers are designed to meet the demands of larger groups and address the following key regions:

Endpoint Protection

Malwarebytes offers endpoint protection solutions that stabilize all devices and endpoints inside a company network, which include computers, servers, and mobile gadgets. These solutions provide real-time danger detection, protecting against threats.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Solutions

Malwarebytes offers specialized strategies for controlled service companies, allowing them to shield multiple clients’ networks and endpoints with centralized control and reporting.

Security Management Platform

Malwarebytes’ vital security management platform lets you control and access their cybersecurity answers from a unified dashboard. This offers ease of administration and oversight.


Business solutions want to be scalable to deal with the rise of the business industry. Malwarebytes offers scalable solutions that can adapt to changing requirements.


Depending on the industry, corporations might also want to comply with numerous policies associated with information safety and cybersecurity. Malwarebytes can help meet compliance necessities with its protection solutions.

Tips for Safe and Effective Use of Malwarebytes

To get the most out of Malwarebytes for secure and effective cybersecurity, follow the below tips:

Keep Malwarebytes Updated

Ensure that Malwarebytes is constantly updated. Regularly look for updates to the software program and its malware definitions. Outdated software might not guard you against brand-new threats.

Scheduled Scans

Set up regular, scheduled scans with Malwarebytes. This guarantees that your computer is mechanically checked for malware and threats, even if you forget to start manual scans.

Full System Scans

Periodically carry out full gadget scans similarly to short scans. Full scans are more thorough and may find deeply hidden malware.

Combine with advanced software

While Malwarebytes is powerful against malware and other online threats, it’s a best practice to apply it alongside advanced antivirus software or VPN like PureVPN for comprehensive protection.

Review Scan Results

After every scan and detection, evaluate the outcome to make sure that any detected threats were as they should be eliminated.

Regular Updates for Your OS

Ensure that your operating device and all software programs, with your net browsers and plugins, are often updated with trendy protection patches to minimize vulnerabilities.

Secure Downloads

Be careful when downloading documents or software from the net. Always download from dependable and official resources to decrease the chance of encountering malware.

Exercise Caution with Email Attachments

Avoid downloading email attachments or clicking on links in emails from unknown or suspicious assets. Email may be a common vector for malware distribution.

Use Strong, Unique Passwords

Employ strong and unique passwords on your online data to guard against information breaches. Try using the Malwarebytes password generator for a better password manager for secure surfing.

Backup Your Data

Regularly back up your crucial documents and information to an external resource or a stable cloud provider. This guarantees that you may recover your data in case of a malware assault or system failure.

Malwarebytes: A Must-Have for a Safe and Secure Online Experience

This guide proves Malwarebytes is dependable software, offering sturdy safety against malware, ransomware, and various online threats. 

With a commitment to privacy, Malwarebytes guarantees that your information stays free from intrusion. 

To maximize the protection and performance of Malwarebytes, remember to stay updated, carry out ordinary scans, enable real-time safety, and exercise secure online practices.


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