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PureVPN Moves From Hong Kong To British Virgin Islands

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PUREVPNPureVPN UpdatesPureVPN Moves From Hong Kong To British Virgin Islands

After spending over a decade-and-a-half in Hong Kong, it’s now time to depart the city that was so essential in helping us set up as a privacy-centric company. It was in Hong Kong where we launched PureVPN, and it was this very city that helped us become one of the top VPN providers in the industry.

Bye, Bye Hong Kong!

Hong Kong has always valued user privacy during our affiliation with the city. It was one of the few places where there weren’t any laws or surveillance measures that could affect the privacy of our users. Even Edward Snowden, chose Hong Kong as the location to meet journalists back in May 2013 because he considered it a region safe from online surveillance.

Through the 14+ years that we have spent in Hong Kong, we enjoyed all the support that was given to us by the government and the regulatory authorities. We departed from the city on a positive note to our new home that is the British Virgin Islands.

User Privacy is Always the Priority

PureVPN was born with the idea to make the internet into a place that it was originally meant to be. We aspired to create an internet that has zero surveillance and restrictions. Long ago, we envisioned a world where people did not have to fear for their privacy. Since then, we’ve worked to turn our product into an all-in-one privacy solution for privacy-centric people.

Every step we take and every decision we make, we do it while keeping our users in mind. This is one reason that motivated us to move to a new jurisdiction that is privacy-friendly, and that helps us in delivering on the promises we’ve made to our customers.

Why did we choose the British Virgin Islands as our new home?

It was in early 2021 when we decided to leave Hong Kong and move to a different location. We realized early on that moving headquarters is not easy. Before making any decision, it was crucial for us to select a place for PureVPN’s new headquarters that could offer us the right privacy-centric legal environment to conduct our operations. 

We analyzed multiple locations and held talks with various authorities in over 17 different countries to see if they could be the right fit for us. After a lot of planning, we finally decided to move our headquarters to the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

Customer-centricity will always be our North Star!

Customer centricity has always been the north star guiding us in every decision that we make. Initiatives like moving our headquarters to BVI, 20Gbps server upgradation, and unique no-log certifications by Well known audit firm are testament to our commitment to being one of the most customer-centric VPNs. We believe that the new jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands will help us uphold the commitment we have made to our users and shall enable our teams to excel in our services and expand into new security and privacy verticals.




January 1, 2024


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