Static IP for security cameras

Why You Need a Static IP for Security Cameras

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PUREVPNIP AddressWhy You Need a Static IP for Security Cameras

With increasing cyber breaches and hacking incidents that we come to know every day, it’s pretty clear that we need to have the highest security of our security cameras.

When searching for home security cameras, you’ll come across dozens of options available in the market that can suit your home, office, warehouse needs. These all have one thing in common – they require an IP address to function, and that is the most crucial part of your online privacy.

A security camera either works on a static or dynamic IP address. Let’s dive into the importance of a Static IP address and the reason why you should give your attention to this matter. But, before we go ahead and tell you which one is better for your security camera, let us know the difference between Static and Dynamic IP addresses.

Dynamic IP Address

Every device needs an IP address to send and receive data over the network. Your device will connect to an IP address after you configure it, and the IP address will frequently change over time. It will connect to a new IP address every time you reboot your security camera or the device it’s connected to.

All these addresses are assigned by the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). DHCP is the administration of this network and does not require additional setup. As an average internet user, you’d prefer this type of IP address because it’s easy to set up and does not require any maintenance.

Static IP Address

A Static IP address works more or less the same way as Dynamic IP addresses, except they do not change IP addresses for your connection. A static IP address is assigned permanently to your network, and you or the administrator will need to assign the address manually.

A static IP address is suitable for those who are concerned about their online security as it can provide them an added layer of protection. It’s ideal for businesses and online security cameras. They are expensive than a dynamic IP address and cost more for maintenance.

Learn more about Static IP vs. a Dedicated IP.

Which IP address should you choose for your security camera?

While both the IP addresses have their advantages and disadvantages, but when it comes to a security camera or confidentiality of online resources, you should go for a Static IP address. This is primarily because a Static IP is much better when it comes to online security.

Since you’re the only individual who knows the IP address, it’s nearly impossible for anyone else to figure it out. Additionally, a Static IP address is reserved for you only, meaning no one else can gain access to it unless you permit it. You can also customize it according to your security needs.

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Benefits of Using a Static IP address for security camera

Here are the benefits of using a Static IP address for a security camera:

Running Server

You can get the advantage of the running server if you are using a static IP address. It is because a static address is assigned permanently to your device and can be accessed remotely. It is suitable for those closed networks that need to be accessed by different computers from different locations.

The dynamic address can not help you provide the running server, making it one of the most significant disadvantages of using a Dynamic IP address.


The static IP address is the most stable network you can use as you do not need to connect to a new IP address every time you use your system. You will be assigned to a permanent address that you can easily customize according to your needs.

This is a significant advantage over a Dynamic address as you will not have to worry about reconnecting to the internet using a new address.

More Secure

A static IP address can help you get a more secure way of using your security camera. You can easily set it up on your security camera and access it from any corner of the globe. You can rest assured about your online security as the Static IP is reserved for you, hence inaccessible by others.


Static IP address works on a single IP address and can be customized according to your security needs. You get to manage the administration of your address through your network with the static IP address.

Tracking Part

Another advantage of using a Static IP address is that you can get the tracking access quickly while operating on a static IP address. You can manage your device through any operating system as an IP address does not get affected by the change of the operating system.


Security cameras can help one get the security they need for their home and business, giving users peace of mind when they’re away from home or business. It is essential to choose the right IP address for online safety as a minor breach can lead to more significant consequences.

The static IP address for security cameras can help people get a taste of the customized security they need along with remote access. You may face some firewall issues while managing your different networks, but that can be easily solved by troubleshooting your system.




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