What is Secure VPN and Why You Need One?

June 11, 2019

A secure VPN service such as PureVPN is your ultimate shield. It protects you against data-hungry companies and hackers as well as nosy governments

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What is Secure VPN?

When you use the Internet, your data is exposed to cybercriminals, governments, etc.

With a VPN, you can establish a safe connection over an unsecure network like the public Internet. As a result, you make it close to impossible for anyone to find out what you’re doing online.

It safeguards all your traffic and communications from end-to-end using top-of-the-line encryption. Also, it hides your real IP address and location so that you can browse the Internet with a cloak of anonymity.

Why You Need A Secure VPN?

Public Wi-Fi

A public Wi-Fi is a breeding ground for hackers. A secure VPN will prevent evildoers from infiltrating your device. And, it shelters you against any hacking activities. It offers important security features that keep your personal information safe. These include encryption to keep your devices safe and secure.

Internet Banking Services

Internet banking is usually targeted by hackers. With a secure VPN, you can carry on with your online transactions in a secure manner. It allows you to make and receive payments without getting hacked. Once again, online encryption keeps your communications safe and private.


Send and receive unlimited number of files through a secure encrypted channel. Encode your documents into a form that is unreadable. This means that any transfer of files will be completely secure.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a growing concern across many countries. PureVPN assigns you a virtual IP and keep your real IP disguised at all times. This method allows you to camouflage yourself on the internet.

Third-Party Surveillance

Snoopers are actively eyeing loopholes to penetrate your device to install spyware. Some monitor your online activities through illegal ways. PureVPN nullifies any chances of surveillance and keeps you off the radar.

Benefits Of Secure VPN

Several VPN providers claim to be the most secure. Not many can actually stand up to the difficult task of becoming the leaders of this industry. Here’s how PureVPN stands out from the rest:

256-Bit Encryption

PureVPN employs AES 256-bit military-grade encryption. It keeps your data secure protected from malicious entities.

Enterprise-Grade Security

PureVPN’s EGS offers a range of capabilities such as an antivirus, content, URL filtering, and app blocking, etc.

Multiple Security Protocols

The apps come packed with industry standard secure vpn protocols. The protocols provide a smooth and secure online experience.

DDoS Protection

PureVPN’s NAT Firewall blocks all sorts of incoming threats. It safeguards your connection from threats.

NAT Firewall

PureVPN’s NAT Firewall blocks all sorts of incoming threats from reaching your device. It safeguards your connection from threats.

P2P Protection

Conduct secure communications, upload and download files with the ultimate P2P protection. You remain anonymous during P2P communications.

Secure Your Online Experience

Third parties and spying agencies are the root of all the evil happening online. There are many ways your online activities can be compromised. A secure VPN will dodge, stop and protect you from snooping and government spying.

Prevent corporations from using your information against you

Corporations are buy maximizing their profits and using tactics to convince the masses. With a secure VPN, your online activities are completely anonymous. Hence you are not targeted by trackers, ads, pop-ups, suggestions and more.

Protect yourself from hackers

If you're a privacy-cautious person, chances are you’ve taken measures against hacking. If you’re not, you should take practical precautions to keep your data safe. Using a secure VPN will help you by encrypting your data and securing your presence online.

Stop governments from spying on you

While technology has brought great advancements and convenience. They’ve come at the cost of your online privacy. Governments are tapping your online activities to form a better picture of who you are. PureVPN masks your real IP and assigns you a virtual identity, keeping you anonymous at all times.

What Makes a VPN Secure?

There are multiple reasons why VPNs are important in our daily lives. VPNs offer a lot to web surfers. For streamers, they unlock online freedom as well as fastest speeds. For others, they lock out online threats of all kinds. Check out our detailed page on what is a VPN and what makes it the most secure tool on the planet.

PureVPN provides unmatched online privacy and security to its users. It uses the support of many secure protocols. The protocols offer best browsing, downloading, and streaming and security capabilities.

PureVPN has been an important member of the VPN industry since 2006. Because of its amazing features and services, PureVPN is the best VPN provider.


Point-to-Point Tunneling protocol delivers fast speed with minimal security.


Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol delivers exceptional online security, slightly reducing your internet speed.


L2TP is a secure protocol which provides sufficient online security and browsing functionality.


IKEv2 protocol provides the best of both worlds, speed and security.


OpenVPN provides reasonable speeds and top-notch security with 256-bit encryption.

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