Subnet Mask PS4

What is My Subnet Mask on PS4?

How to Find Subnet Mask on Your PS4

Finding out the subnet mask on your PS4 is simple. Follow the steps:

1. In the PS4 main menu, select Settings

2. Select Network

3. Select View Connection Status

4. Once there, you’ll see the subnet mask right underneath your IP address and above the default gateway.

Viola, you’re done.

What is Subnet Mask?

A subnet mask is a number that outlines a range of IP addresses that are available within a given network. It is a 32-bit number that masks an IP address and divides the IP address into the network address and host address.

A single subnet mask bounds the number of acceptable IPs for a specific network. Several subnet masks can organize a single network into smaller networks (called subnetworks or subnets).

Devices within the same subnet can conveniently communicate directly with each other, while devices on different subnets will need to communicate with the help of a router.

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How does it Work?

Subnet Mask is made by setting network bits to all “1”s and setting host bits to all “0”s. Within a given network, two host addresses are reserved for a special purpose and cannot be assigned to hosts.

The “0” address is assigned a network address, and “255” is assigned to a broadcast address, and they cannot be assigned to hosts.

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