Make your Network Private

Limit access to corporate assets; enable your employees carry out their activities with a unique digital identity. PureVPN’s Private IP affords your employees a clean digital reputation, while keeping them protected and private against corporate espionage.

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Keep Your Business Protected Online

Secure Remote Access

Give your remote employees a dedicated, encrypted tunnel to access the company’s network and confidential data.

Secure FTP Access

Add an extra layer of security to your website by limiting FTP access to your IP only.

Database Server Security

Your database is protected from hackers since it can only be accessed by your personal IP.

Risk-Free Online Reputation

Your Company’s reputation will remain intact since you are the master of your IP and control it.

Two-Factor Authentication

Deploy a security shield by setting up a two-factor authentication for your online business financial transactions.

Office Security Camera Protection

Avoid corporate espionage by stopping hackers from gaining access to your security cameras and confidential communications.

Easy & simple-to-use apps for Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

  • Accessibility to servers in 140+ locations
  • User-friendly admin portal
  • Unlimited data
  • 24x7 priority support
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Who Needs PureVPN Business

How PureVPN Can Protect Your Business Data & Privacy

A Private IP empowers you to restrict online access to your bank or other sensitive accounts, thereby doubling the security of the accounts.

  • Safely Conduct Online Financial Transactions
  • Keep Your Business Bank Account Protected from Cybercriminals
  • Access Your Business Account Securely, Even At Public Wi-Fi Hotspots
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A Private IP allows marketers to check Google results in different countries and keep an eye on their competition without getting banned.

  • Monitor your competitors’ campaigns without revealing your IP
  • Check trends and results in different locations around the world
  • Create customized ads for your customers in different countries
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Protection of your users' data is your responsibility! Take proactive measure before it's too late.

  • Stop hackers from accessing your user data
  • Stop viruses from wreaking havoc
  • Access Your Business Account Securely, Even At Public Wi-Fi Hotspots
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Be proactive, not reactive!
Protect your business with PureVPN

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