A Secure, Quick, and Reliable Business VPN

Increase the network security of your business and remote teams in just a few clicks.

What is a Business VPN?

A business VPN establishes a secure tunnel between your organization’s resources and the employees who need to access them. Only authorized employees can access company resources on the network by connecting to the VPN servers. This end-to-end encryption ensures that your network remains protected and traffic remains confidential, eliminating concerns about unauthorized access or visibility. With additional features like static IP addresses, traffic monitoring, and network segmentation, a secure VPN for business enhances accessibility for multiple users. It provides comprehensive visibility, allowing you to ensure and maintain network accountability. Employees can conveniently use a business VPN across various devices, including workstations, personal mobile phones, and company-owned laptops. PureDome is a corporate VPN solution tailored specifically for businesses, providing a robust defense against cyber threats, facilitating remote work, and effectively mitigating risks to safeguard your company’s sensitive data.

Advantages of using a Business VPN

Unlock effortless and secure access to your company network with our business VPN solution. Elevate your security measures like never before!

Secure Remote Access

Enable secure access to corporate networks and files for multi-office companies, facilitating remote work with solutions like secure VPN connections.

Implement Access Control

Control access to resources by authenticating and authorizing users through a VPN, verifying identities, and granting appropriate access levels and permissions.

Safeguard Endpoints

Secure endpoints on various devices, including phones, laptops, tablets, and desktops, using a business VPN to protect against data breaches and threats.

Optimize with Split Tunneling

Implement split tunneling, allowing selective encryption for programs and apps that require VPN protection while enabling faster speeds and access to local services for others.

Traffic Encryption

Ensure traffic encryption within your company’s network with AES 256-bit encryption, safeguarding data from unauthorized access.

High-Speed Servers

Utilize high-speed servers with dedicated IPs for enhanced performance

PureVPN vs. PureDome

PureDome PureVPN
Intuitive Admin Dashboard
Centralized Billing
Single IPs for Teams
Provision of New IPs and Gateways
Organize Members in Teams
Dedicated Account Manager
Password Management
Apps for operating systems
24×7 Support
Support for Browser Extensions
Dedicated IP locations



Multiple concurrent sessions with a single IP
Device Posture Check
Reports on Activity and logs

PureDome Business VPN: Key Features & Benefits

Secure Business Network

PureDome is a robust connectivity solution that grants businesses security benefits with easy deployment, enabling remote teams to securely and quickly access corporate resources anywhere and at any time. With dedicated IPs, you can ensure a secure connection to your server or device, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Provision a dedicated IP for teams from up to 30 different locations and allocate it to your team in just a few clicks, eradicating the need for separate IPs for each member.

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Easy and Seamless Deployment

PureDome offers comprehensive features to help businesses manage their network security seamlessly. The centralized admin dashboard lets you easily manage your team members and licenses. Our VPN for business offers a quick and efficient setup that enables enterprises to provision a gateway in just 10 minutes across 30 locations worldwide. Our centralized billing feature allows businesses to manage all their licenses and user accounts from a unified interface.

Reliable and Robust Solution

With a dedicated business VPN like PureDome, your business can establish its presence in new markets and facilitate team members residing in inaccessible regions. PureDome provides reliable and efficient solutions with 24/7 support. Leveraging the 15 years of expertise from the PureVPN team, PureDome offers businesses scalable and secure remote access solutions. Our experienced professionals are readily available to provide a range of support options, ensuring uninterrupted operations for businesses.

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Dedicated network for your teams

Provision a dedicated IP or team IP in upto 30 Locations all over the world in under 10 minutes!

North America

New Jersey




Los Angeles

Silicon Valley





Mexico City

Latin America

São Paul






















Delhi NCR

Elevate Security Posture on All Devices

Business VPN Apps

Our support team is available
24/7 to assist you

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