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IP Whitelisting: Whitelist your IP address for secure access to corporate digital assets

PureVPN offers dedicated IPs from various countries. You can enjoy optimum security and easy accessibility with IP whitelisting via PureVPN’s dedicated IP VPN in just $0.99.

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PureVPN 7 Day Trial + 47% OFF on 1-Year Plan

You will be billed $69.95 for 1 Year Plan after 7 days on , unless you cancel

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How Does PureVPN’s IP Whitelisting Benefit Me?

PureVPN’s IP Whitelisting via Dedicated IP helps you remain absolutely in control of your IP every time you go online. The rising trend of working remotely and BYOD has opened doors to new threats, but you can ascertain network security by only allowing dedicated IPs to access certain databases. So, along with giving you control over your digital reputation, a dedicated IP VPN also acts as a security measure for your corporate digital assets.

Always the same IP

With a static ip your IP will never change and remain the same to work with IP whitelisting features across all cloud platforms at optimum levels.

Wordpress IP Whitelisting

Use dedicated (static) ip to secure your wordpress admin dashboard for optimum security.

Digital Ocean

Use IP Whitelisting security features by digital ocean along with our dedicated (static) ip to secure access to your droplets

Amazon Web Services

With PureVPN's Dedicated (Static) IPs you can use the whitelisting feature from AWS to secure access to your production and development servers.

Risk Free Online Reputation

Since you get a personal IP of your own, you have complete control over your reputation online.

Secure Remote Access

Want surety that only your employees are accessing your corporate network? Get that guarantee with a dedicated IP VPN.

Secure FTP Access

Add another layer of security to the FTP access of your website. Just limit FTP access to a dedicated IP only and get peace of mind.

Two Factor Authentication

PureVPN’s dedicated IP can also act as a two-factor authentication, meaning only a whitelisted dedicated IP can access your network.

Database Server Security

Worried about the client and corporate data saved in your database? Restrict access to it with PureVPN’s dedicated IP.

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PureVPN’s services are regularly acknowledged and applauded by other companies.

PureVPN does not store any of your online activities, period. It has a No Browsing Logs policy.

PureVPN protects online activity so that users don't have to worry about who may be trying to track what they are doing online.

With data retention now in the law books, PureVPN is more popular than ever with Australians looking to cover their tracks online.

PureVPN anonymises Internet activity, and consumer advocacy group Choice has ranked it among the top VPNs to use.

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