How to Get a US Dedicated IP Address

With PureVPN, you can get a dedicated US IP address within seconds on your preferred device to stream US-only content, access work resources remotely, avoid annoying CAPTCHAs, and more.

How to Get USA IP Address

What is a US Dedicated IP Address?

A US dedicated IP address gives you exclusive ownership of a specific IP address located in the United States. This allows for consistent access to US-based services, greater security, and a more personalized online experience.

USA Static IP Address

Why Do You Need a US Static IP Address?

  • Ensures reliable access to US-based services and websites.

  • Simplifies transactions with US financial institutions.

  • Reduces risk of blacklisting compared to shared IPs.

  • Facilitates secure access to US corporate networks.

  • Tailors online experiences to US-centric preferences.

  • Helpful for remote workers and freelancers to work online from anywhere.

Get an American IP Address

How to Get a US Dedicated IP Address

  • Open PureVPN’s order page.

  • Choose your desired subscription.

  • Under the Add-ons section, click Dedicated IP.

  • Choose the United States as the country.

  • Fill out the necessary details.

  • Pay & Enjoy!

Get Dedicated IP 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

How to Connect to PureVPN’s American Dedicated IP Address

Get started in 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Open the PureVPN app and log in.

Step 2

Go to Locations.

Step 3

Click/tap Dedicated IP to connect!

What do you get with PureVPN?


Access region-locked US streaming websites from anywhere in the world.

Secure Desktop Access

Secure and control your home computer from a remote location.

Work From Home

Use your office network safely at home or while traveling.

Online Security

Secure yourself online by using AES-256 encryption and a dedicated IP

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to change my IP Address to USA on Android?

    Here are the steps to configure US IP Address on your Android Phone:
    Open Settings Tap on Network & Internet Tap on Wi-Fi . Press and hold on the connected Wi-Fi network. You will see a menu pop-up. Tap Modify network. Once you’re there, follow the additional steps: A password change screen will appear. Tap Advanced Options, and scroll down to the IP settings section. By default, IP settings are set to DHCP. Tap DHCP and change the setting to Static IP. Once you have changed the IP Setting to Static, a form will appear that will allow you to manually configure all of your Android’s network settings, including your Android’s IP. Learn more about how to change IP Address on Android Phone .

  • How to get US IP Address free from anywhere?

    This Cyber Week, PureVPN is offering a free US IP VPN along with its 1-Year Plan . All you need to do is select the 1-Year plan on the cart, scroll down, and click “Get Dedicated IP” . After that, you have to select United States country and you will get a free American IP address via email.

  • How can you get the American Netflix?

    To get American Netflix, you’ll need the following:
    Netflix subscription. Download and install the Netflix app on a device. Login with your Netflix credentials. PureVPN subscription. Download and install the PureVPN app on a device. Login with your PureVPN credentials. Connect to a US server. That’s it. Enjoy American Netflix while vacationing or living abroad.

  • Should you use a US VPN on your phone?

    Yes. These days, a smartphone is not only a primary mode of communication but hosts dozens of apps for multiple purposes.
    Smart devices often connect to insecure public Wi-Fi networks, which can expose them to hackers that are actively targeting devices with weak network security. You could connect to a Wi-Fi network, thinking it’s legit while it is probably a clone network. The hacker could then gain access to your mobile device and view/make changes to sensitive data. With your online activities being exposed now more than ever, it’s essential that you use a US VPN on your phone. A VPN offers encryption that secures your digital existence against cybercriminals. Not only that, but you can also access restricted websites and so much more with a VPN.

  • Is the USA IP address legit?

    Yes, but ensure you are using a reliable and high-speed VPN for using a US IP address on your device. You can get a dedicated US IP address as an add-on for your unique online needs.

  • Can I buy multiple American IP addresses?

    Certainly! You can purchase multiple American dedicated IP addresses. To do so, simply reach out to PureVPN Support, and one of our representatives will assist you in acquiring the additional IPs. Alternatively, you also have the option to explore our business VPN service for enhanced security.