How to Change Your Location with Pokémon Go VPN

To catch as many Pokémon as you want, you have to play smart and spoof your actual location on your phone. But it’s not as easy as it looks. This guide will help you learn how to change your GPS location in conjunction with an IP address to virtually transport to any location and collect more Pokémon.

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How to Use a VPN with Pokémon Go

Let’s make one thing clear: You are here to catch more Pokemons and we will help you do that but only in the right way. No horsing around, we promise. First, you have to use a GPS spoofing app on your phone and then use a VPN app to hide your IP address. So, you have to do two things in total.

Step 1: Spoof Your GPS Location on Your Phone

Go to the Settings option on your phone and choose Advanced. After that, click on “Override GPS location” and follow your phone’s settings when prompted. Now, choose “About phone” and click Build number up to seven times according to GPS spoofing experts. This will tell you that you have entered developer mode. If this sounds a bit confusing, you can also install a “Fake GPS location” app and see how it works.

Step 2: Change Your Region with a VPN app

You are halfway done now. It is time to change your current region to an urban, busy city to find rare Pokémon. Install the PureVPN app on your device whether it is an Android or an iOS device. Once you have done that, create a new account and sign in to the VPN app. Then, connect to the US or UK server location and keep on changing the regions until you find the sweet spot.


and subscribe to PureVPN


Connect to your desired server


Virtual location changed to US. Access Pokémon GO now.

Why Do I Need to Use a VPN for Pokemon Go?

If you wish to experience the full gamut of the Pokémon experience, then using a VPN app can help you in many ways. You can use a VPN to spoof your geolocation and appear in big, urban cities like Paris, New York, or London and find more Pokémon there rather than somewhere barren. Also, the Pokémon Go app does not work in some countries (because of privacy fears maybe), and using a VPN app can be your best choice to play and catch some nasty Pikachu. But make no mistake, you will still need to use a GPS spoofing app because the Pokémon Go app mainly tracks you through a GPS on your phone.

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What to Look for in a Pokemon Go VPN

There are three underlying traits of a good Pokemon Go VPN: more servers, privacy, and location spoofing. This is like the holy trinity. Imagine you are halfway through catching the highest number of Pokemons in a single day and your server goes down because you are using a free VPN. Yikes! Yes, it could happen and it can be very annoying if you are dead serious about the game.

Moreover, premium VPN apps are specifically designed to hide your online identity from game servers and websites. And lastly, you can switch to any country location without the fear of any IP leaks once you are using a reliable VPN app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to its AR features, Pokémon GO and its gameplay may confuse you during the first few tries. Don’t worry, we have covered some of the most common queries here to give you a head start:

How do I change my location in Pokemon Go with a VPN on my Android phone?

First, you have to go to the Settings menu and choose Device admin apps > Turn off Find my Device and Google Play. Once you have done that, it is time to install the old version of Google Play Services. Then, go to Settings again and choose Apps > Google Play Services > Mobile Data > Turn off Allow background data usage.

Now, disable Google Play Store from the list of installed apps. Clear all the stored and cached data of Pokémon Go and turn off your device. Lastly, turn on the device, connect to a GPS spoofing app, use a VPN app, and run along to find many Pokémon.

How do I change my location in Pokemon Go with a VPN on my iPhone?

Sorry folks, but it is not as easy to change GPS location on an iPhone as it seems on an Android device. You have more chances of getting a ban on Pokemon Go once the server catches you fiddling with GPS location. We can tell you how to change GPS location on an iPhone, but truth be told, we don’t want you to get into trouble and end up creating another account just because you were changing your GPS location. It’s not worth it. Kapeesh!

Will Pokémon GO ban my account if I use a VPN?

It depends which VPN you are using. If you have subscribed to a free VPN service, chances are that your account will get banned sooner or later. This is because free VPNs do not make you anonymous online. They do not offer encryption of any kind and only allow you to change your virtual location. With a free VPN, it becomes very easy for Pokémon servers to notice the traffic is coming from a VPN server.

It is highly recommended that you use only a premium VPN, such as PureVPN. With premium VPNs your identity remains safe and you become completely anonymous online. The invisibility helps you stay safe from all IP-level bans.

My character keeps teleporting back and forth from my real and fake location, why?

Such issues when arise when you have connected to a faulty VPN, which is unable to keep your real location hidden at all times. There are times when it works and that is when you see your character in a different location. Every time, the character reappears in your real location, know that your VPN is leaking your personal information and location in that instant.

Never use a free VPN, as most of them are faulty and do not do well to your online privacy and security. They make you vulnerable to cyber-attacks, which is the last thing anyone would want.

Why can’t I catch any Pokémon?

If your location changes too often and too drastically, the game servers will assume that you are using a cheat or a VPN, and penalize your account. In such cases, you will not be able to catch any Pokémon which your friends will be bragging about. To resolve this issue, ensure that you connect to a premium VPN such as PureVPN and do not change your location very often.

What happens if you get caught spoofing Pokemon Go?

Niantic, the company that created Pokemon Go, has a three-strike discipline policy if they caught you or any other user cheating or spoofing location. The first strike prevents you from finding rare Pokemons for 7 days, the second strike will block your account for a month, and the third strike means a permanent ban. We know you can create another account, but what about those rare Pokemons that you collected after so much hard work and sweat?