PUBG Region Lock – Here’s How to Play in Any Server in 2023

For those looking to get pass PUBG Region Lock or wants to change server after the season 16 update that allows you to change the server only once in 60 days follow the guide mentioned below and play in whichever region you desire.

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What is PUBG Region Lock?

Back when Bluehole Studios initially released PUBG to the public, the game received numerous reports of unstable servers which resulted in players experiencing lag in the game. This issue combined with the presence of Chinese hackers in PUBG become a significant problem. The developers then decided to not only region lock China, but all of the servers in the game. This not only helped the game to become more stable, it somewhat dealt with the hacking issue as well. However, a downside of this change was that some players, who previously enjoyed playing in other regions, now did not have access. They were completely locked out. This became quite the issue in the gaming community, which as of now is infamously known as the PUBG Region Lock.

So, for those wondering what is the point of region locking? The answer is quite simple. The developers wanted to improve on its game’s servers and get rid of the plague of hackers which was ruining the game. This is why PUBG Region locking became a thing.

How to Change Server in PUBG?

Changing a server on PUBG Mobile is a straightforward process:

  • Tap the PUBG icon on your mobile and start the game
  • Head over to Settings
  • At the bottom of Basic Setting, you will be able to see Select Server option.
  • Tap on the Change Button and select the server you want to choose (Asia, Middle East, Europe, etc.)
  • Once selected, tap OK
  • This message will appear on your screen “You will be unable to switch again for 60 days”
  • Tap the OK button
  • That’s it. You’ve successfully changed the server

How to Change Server in PUBG Before 60 Days

The new Season 16 update has introduced a new feature that allows you to change the server only once in 60 days. If you’ve selected the Asia server, you can’t choose the Middle East or North America server for the next 60 days.

Although this feature is useful as it improves latency and decreases lags, many players are unaware of this server change policy and mistakenly select a different server only to find out that they’re locked for the next 60 days.

Only a gamer can understand the real frustration of being unable to play certain missions just because they’re locked in a particular server. However, there is a workaround to change your server within 60 days.

Here’s how you can change servers within the 60 day period:

  • Head over to Clan
  • Go to Shop
  • Buy the Room Card (No need to buy if you already have one)
  • Go to Mode and Create a Room
  • You’ll see the server option at the top; select any server of your choice other than the current server selection
  • Now head back to Settings and verify the server change in the Server section
  • You’ll see that the server has successfully been changed

Ever since the launch of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), gamers have been complaining about the game and its server restrictions. These restrictions not only prevent players from choosing the servers of their choice but also forces them to join specific ones.

However, what most gamers don’t know is that there is a way through which you can get rid of this PUBG region-lock problem. All you have to do is to get a reliable VPN service which offers you the option of selecting your own server or server locations and well, that’s about it. It is that simple!

For more information on how you can avoid the location restrictions problem, simply follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below:

  • Go to PureVPN
  • Subscribe to any one plans
  • Download and install the application on your device
  • Log in to PureVPN with your account details
  • Connect to a server (the one you wish to connect to, i.e., Malaysia for PUBG Asia Server)
  • Start PUBG
  • Find a game
  • You are now playing in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ server locations of your choosing
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How Does PUBG Matchmaking Work?

Initially, Matchmaking in PUBG was the same as any other game. You log into the game, select the server you wish to connect, find a game, and there you go. However, after the notorious PUBG Region Lock, the matchmaking system has undergone several changes as well. Now, you can’t manually choose the matchmaking region. The game selects one for you automatically.

So, even if you want to play in another region, you can’t. Unless you get your hands on PureVPN and play the game under its active services. You can also opt for other VPN services too, but since those aren’t optimized for video games, you might be left wondering why PUBG matchmaking is taking forever. Furthermore, there are also free VPNs available, but these will most likely result in players to complain not being able to connect to servers in PUBG. As a result, we would advise you not to take any chances, and opt for the best possible solution out there, one which is reliable and can help you deal with the exact problem you are facing. PureVPN is the best option out there for coping with PUBG Region Lock.

Frequently Asked Questions

PUBG Mobile 1.6 New Update!

This is only a prediction, but it’s been confirmed that PUBG Mobile has had an upcoming update. This new version will be released on September 14, and there are several changes we can expect from the optimization for sure: hit effect (basic controls), control optimizations, etc… Also, the tweet today revealed that an aerial game mode is coming to the game.

Why So Many Chinese on NA Servers in PUBG

Simply put, due to the massive number of hackers in the China region. One of the main reason why Bluehole Studios implemented the PUBG Region Lock was to restrict the number of Chinese hackers. As a result, now that these hackers are limited to only the China region, those that wish to play the game regularly, switch to the other areas like the NA to avoid those hackers.

How to Host A PUBG Server?

Currently, only those who are listed as PUBG Partners are allowed to create custom lobbies in the game. As a result, you have to be a PUBG content creator if you wish to create a custom lobby within the game.

Where are PUBG servers?

The Amazon Web Service Cloud has five regions: North America, South America, Europe, Korea and Japan (KRJP), and Asia. In general, matchmaking will assign a player or team to servers in the closest region based on their location preferences.

PUBG Keeps Putting Me In AS Server?

With PUBG Region-lock in place, the game will automatically put you in the server closest to you, which in this case is the AS server. To avoid such placements, you can simply opt for PureVPN and connect to your server of choice.