How to Delete Google Photos?

Google is known for developing incredible apps that are a source of convenience for almost every Android user. In the past few years, Google has been successfully integrating its AI into most of its apps, and this has led to incredible results like the highly useful Google Assistant, as well as other amazing wonders like Google Lens, etc.

While Google AI remains on the forefront of the Artificial Intelligence race, on the other hand, it has been accused to be involved in peeking into our private data, including the photos that we store on Google Photos.



What Google can do with your photos?

You may have heard the term: If you’re not buying the product, then you are the product. While it feels amazing to use the intelligent apps on offer by Google for free, we shouldn’t forget that Google is a “search advertising” company.

This means that the service would look for ways that will allow it to help advertisers in the best possible manner and help them create personalized ads for their target audience.

All Google Products, including Google Photos, fall under Google Terms & Conditions. Accepting these terms and conditions means that the tech giant will have the right to “host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works, communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute” any content that is stored in its apps. This includes any data that you add in your Google Photos app.

Why would you want to delete Google Photos?

Google Photos is an amazing app. You get to enjoy unlimited storage capability, as well as a smooth layout, and cross-platform syncing. The search method within the app is just amazing. You can locate any photo in the app by searching for the right set of keywords. The photo recognition AI is the best in the world.

But while these features continue to amaze us, we should also know that the powerful AI within the system can recognize people in the photos and also the places you’ve been to. And Google will be able to keep a track of your location even when you turn off the device’s location settings thanks to this powerful AI. This information needs to be kept personal, but it’s obvious that Google doesn’t plan on keeping it personal.

If you want your personal life to remain personal, then it would be better to delete Google Photos altogether from your device!

How to delete photos from Google Photos

Deleting your pictures from the Google Photos app is not a problem. But a few additional steps will safeguard your privacy and will make this process permanent and painless.

Back up anything you want to save.

You obviously wouldn’t want to see all your past memories deleted. The images saved on Google Photos may be important for you, and this is why we recommend that you make a backup for these images before permanently deleting them.

Google allows you to select group of photos, or entire albums, and download them in a compressed file. You can also download all your photos by creating a Google Photos folder in the Google Drive account and download from there (more on this in step 2).

Google Photos syncs your data with your device. This means that if you delete any photo from your account, that photo will be deleted from your device as well. Therefore, you should back up your files onto a different device.

How to Delete your Google photos - The Easy Way

You may have thousands of pictures stored inside Google Photos. Deleting these pictures in bulk is obviously difficult and time consuming. There’s another easy way to delete all of your pictures in one go, and that method is explained below.

You will only need to create a Google Photos folder in your Google Drive where you will be able to store all your content. It’ll be much easier to delete all your pictures in one go by just deleting this folder.

Delete Google Photos from Smartphone

Step 1: Click the 3 bars in the upper left-hand corner to go.

Step 2: Access your account panel

Step 3: Click on the Settings icon

Step 4: Find the option named “Auto Add” and turn it on

Step 5: Click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner of Google Drive

Delete Google Photos from PC

Step 1: Click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner of Google Drive

Step 2: Click on Settings in the dropdown menu

Step 3: Check mark the “Create a Google Photos folder” option

You will be able to delete any pictures stored in your Google photos app in one go via this method.