OpenVPN: A Reliable High-Performance VPN Protocol

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A Brief Overview of OpenVPN

What are the advantages and disadvantages of OpenVPN?


  • OpenVPN offers military-grade encryption for excellent security.
  • The protocol comes with multiple encryption methods.
  • It can easily bypass almost all types of firewalls.
  • The protocol can communicate data through multiple ports.


  • The protocol is not easy to configure and requires expertise.
  • Since it cannot be configured directly, it requires third-party applications.
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Technical Information of OpenVPN

Secure Port

The OpenVPN uses 1194 UDP port by default.

Better Authentication

Users can use third-party scripts or tools to improve OpenVPN authentication.

Blazing-Fast Performance

Even on connections with high latency and across great distances, the protocol still offers great speed, making this the best performing protocol.

Highest-Level Encryption

AES 256-bit encryption for data, SHA256 for control messages and 2048-bit SSL/TLS Handshake encryption.

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How to Setup VPN with OpenVPN Protocol?

You can configure OpenVPN on different versions of Operating Systems.


Other IKEv2 manual setups guides can be found here.

Other VPN Protocols provided by PureVPN

Thinking about which is the best VPN protocol?

PureVPN automatically selects the best suitable protocol for its users. If you are not sure which protocol to use, then just let the app automatically choose the best VPN Protocol for your network. Check the comparison chart of all protocols for a better understanding of various protocols. Check the comparison chart of all protocols for a better understanding of various protocols.

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It anonymises Internet activity, and consumer advocacy group Choice has ranked it among the top VPNs to use.

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