WireGuard VPN Protocol:

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PureVPN now offers the most sought-after and fastest protocol to all its users free of charge

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With its new 20Gbps server speed upgrades, PureVPN is now 100 percent ready to operate in a 5G world where faster internet speeds have become the norm.

PureVPN is leading the way when it comes to transparency regarding its operations. It’s the only VPN with always-on audit, meaning one of the big four security audit firms KPMG can audit PureVPN anytime without any prior notice.

PureVPN has a large collection of VPN servers across the world, offering some of the best geographic diversity we’ve seen.

PureVPN delivers a smartly designed package that mostly succeeds in delivering security and privacy.

PureVPN lets you protect yourself against hackers and snoops, surf in total anonymity, access restricted content, and communicate securely.

If you want to enhance the router’s speed, connect with PureVPN’s WireGuard and enjoy better freedom, security, and privacy. By following a few simple steps, configure WireGuard manually for better speed and security than other traditional VPN protocols.

Unmatched speed

If you’re looking for more speed and have the bandwidth to support it, WireGuard is the perfect choice, providing you a more reliable and faster connection than any other protocol.

Improved security

WireGuard provides encrypted security without compromising on speed. It’s less vulnerable to security breaches and protects your digital identity.

Smooth streaming

With PureVPN’s WireGuard, you can download and stream your favorite content with little to no buffering, and enjoy a hassle-free stable connection.

Easy-to-install VPN for all your devices

PureVPN users can enjoy the benefits of WireGuard on major platforms, including Windows, Smart TVs, Android, and iOS. WireGuard is also available on routers, making it easy to protect all your devices with a single VPN connection. Existing users can manually configure WireGuard from the Member’s Area, and take advantage of this protocol today!

Easy-to-install VPN for all your devices

Global network with optimized VPN servers

  • 78+Countries
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  • 6500+VPN Servers

Other supported VPN protocols

PureVPN selects the best VPN protocol on your behalf for a secure and speedy connection. We offer our users the convenience of choosing the VPN protocol they want

OpenVPN – Open-Source Protocol

With fast performance and top-grade encryption, OpenVPN is the protocol of choice. This open-source solution is configurable and runs on any port. As a result, you can get past most ISP/network restrictions and firewalls.

IKEv2 – Internet Key Exchange

Based on the IPSec framework, IKEv2 is the most recent and advanced VPN protocol. Jointly developed by Cisco and Microsoft, it is fast, stable, secure, and super easy to set up. However, since it is new, there is a lack of support for older platforms.

IPSec – Internet Protocol Security

IPSec is a set of protocols used for various purposes, including securing VPNs. It is usually paired with VPN protocols like IKEv2 and L2TP to provide data confidentiality (encryption) and authentication but can be utilized as a standalone VPN protocol as well.