WireGuard VPN Protocol

The fastest and most secure protocol for protecting your online security.
Only available with PureVPN.


Risk-free for 31 days

Activate PureVPN WireGuard in 3 simple steps

It’s easy and fast to start using PureVPN on your device so you can enjoy online privacy

Step 1


Subscribe to PureVPN and download our app on your device.

Step 2


Log in and choose “OpenVPN” from the list of protocols in your settings.

Step 3


Tap “Connect”
and enjoy using your private online connection.

Get the fastest speeds from your router with WireGuard by PureVPN

Experience mighty security, privacy, and online freedom. Set up WireGuard in a few easy steps for even faster speed and enhanced security than other VPN protocols.

Browse with unmatched speed

Do you have the bandwidth to support better network speed? Then, WireGuard is your best choice. Wireguard provides a faster and more reliable connection so you can stay connected.


Stay private with resilient security

WireGuard offers encryption that doesn’t slow down your internet speed. It’s more resilient than other services so you can stop breaches and protect your online identity.

Stream in peace with less buffering

With WireGuard by PureVPN, you can stream and download any content you choose with little to no buffering. WireGuard helps stabilize your connection so you can enjoy more of what you love.


Can PureVPN give me a Dedicated IP address?

PureVPN can provide you with a dedicated IP address in any of these locations:

Germany, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malta, United States


Get The Most Secure VPN protocols

Enjoy the internet your way with the online security you need.

Open-Source Protocol

Get the best secure online connection available.


Internet Key Exchange

Defend your IP address so you can control your data privacy.


Internet Protocol Security

Secure your online activity so you can browse with confidence.


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Compare WireGuard With Other VPN Protocols

Let’s take a quick look at how OpenVPN performs with to other VPN protocols.

VPN protocol Speed Encryption Streaming Stability P2P Available in
PureVPN app
OpenVPN Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast  
IPSec/IKEv2 Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast  
WireGuard* Very Fast Very Fast Very Fast Very Fast Very Fast  
SSTP Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium  
L2TP/IPSec Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium  
PPTP Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast  

Get PureVPN so you can protect your whole family

PureVPN WireGuard is built in to your subscription with no extra charge.

You get access to the advantages of using WireGuard on all your devices iOS, Android, Smart TVs, and Windows PC. You can also get WireGuard for routers, so you and your family can stay protected using just one VPN connection.

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