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  • 500+ VPN Servers in 141 Countries
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  • Supports P2P, File Sharing & VoIP
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  • Reinforced Data Encryption

What’s New in PureVPN For Android

Check out the latest features of PureVPN for your Android devices

Auto-Redial For Your Convenience

The app offers Auto-Redial option to reconnect automatically if your connection drops

PureVPN in Multiple Languages

PureVPN for Android now supports Dutch, German, English & French

Fool Proof Security with Best Encryption

PureVPN provides up to 128-bit encryption on Android devices for absolute online security

Improved Performance and Options

Get a highly sophisticated experience with the improved PureVPN app for Android

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PureVPN’s App for Android Devices

Get complete internet security and privacy for your Android device on all internet connections.

Secure Connection on Public Wi-Fi

Connect your Android device to any public Wi-Fi hotspot with full confidence of security.

Complete Online Privacy

Keep your internet activities private and anonymous, always.

Complete Online Freedom

Enjoy complete online freedom on your Android with PureVPN

Seamless Streaming Experience

Enjoy flawless streaming experience on your Android device, all the time.

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Different Modes for Different Usages

Select your mode of usage and get the best connection accordingly.

Stream the World on Your Device

Experience blazing-fast streaming with zero buffering on any channel.

Access the Internet Securely on the Go

Enjoy complete online freedom while surfing the internet using your mobile device.

Ultimate Security and Privacy Online

Enhance your online security and privacy on any network with this mode.

Enjoy File-Sharing on Any Location

Share unlimited files with peers all the time with our file-sharing mode.

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Select Your Desired Location with a Few Taps

Connect to any of our 500+ servers in 140+ countries with just a few taps on your Android device.

Optimized Servers in 140+ Countries

Select any location and automatically connect with the fastest server.

Fast and Easy to Use App

Mark your favorite locations and connect with them instantly later on.

Select Countries on Regional Bases

You can select a country from a particular region via PureVPN’s Android app.

Connect with Our Servers in Different Cities

Now you can select any city you want to connect to on your Android device!

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Get the Best Connection for Your Purpose

PureVPN’s Android app is smart enough to help you get the best connection for your purpose.

Select Your Purpose from More Than a Dozen on the App!

Just tap on your desired purpose and select your desired country to connect and enjoy.

Get Tips and Suggestion for Better Utility

See tips for all the purposes for better usage and user experience.

Sync Favorite Purposes across Devices

Now you can mark and sync your favorite purposes across all devices for quicker connectivity.

Automatically Connect with the Best Server

Our smart app connects you to the best servers suitable for your selected purpose!

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Manage Your App’s Settings with Ease

Tweak the app according to your requirements by managing the settings without any hassle.

Stay Updated About Your Connected Profile

You can always check your account profile and any updates in it at any time.

Select Between TCP and UDP OpenVPN Protocols

Select your desired OpenVPN protocol from TCP and UDP with a single tap.

Easy Synchronization Across All Platforms

Now you can sync your favorite locations and purposes across all your devices.

Do A Lot More Than Ever

You can know more about the app, switch between your accounts and do a lot more.

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PureVPN Exclusive Features

You get more bang for your buck with PureVPN. Get the best features powered by latest technology right in the palm of your hands.

PureVPN for Android is the Most Secure Android VPN

PureVPN employs AES 256-bit of encryption. To put it in simple words, this encryption standard is impossible to crack since it requires billions of combinations, which is even impossible for a super computer. So, whether you are on a public Wi-Fi hotspot, at home, office or in another country altogether; you are always protected with PureVPN’s Android VPN app.

PureVPN’s App for Android Gives you Complete Internet Freedom

PureVPN has servers in 180+ locations around the world, giving you the ability to overcome ISP speed throttling, freedom to access and download the content of your choice, and use any app anywhere in the world. As soon as you connect, you will receive a new IP address and with it all the internet freedom you need!

PureVPN App for Android Keeps your Android Communications Private

PureVPN assigns you a shared IP, and that cannot be linked with you in any way. That’s the first private cover you get with PureVPN. This cover masks your real location, encrypts all your data and you start browsing in anonymous mode. This stops third-parties from tracking and viewing, logging and stealing your information. Plus, all your web communications, including VoIP communications are encrypted and secured with our VPN app for Android.

24/7 Instant Support

Whenever you need support, you’ll get it with PureVPN. Our support team works round-the-clock to ensure your safety, protection, and internet freedom.

Data Encryption & Protocols

You get end-to-end protection with PureVPN powered by up to 256-bit of encryption and a variety of other security protocols.

Fastest VPN Service

Our servers are specially optimized to be up and running 24/7. Plus, the latest hardware and software ensures delivery of the fastest possible speed.

Protect Your Privacy With PureVPN

Signup for PureVPN to get complete online security and privacy with a hidden IP address and encrypted internet traffic.

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