How to Setup VPN on iPhone 4S

How to Setup VPN on iPhone 4S

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Configuring VPN on iPhone 4S is quite easy. Some people might just as well think that it would require technical know-how but it is not so at all. In fact, one can set up VPN on his device effortlessly following simple and easy-to-follow instructions. However, it is pertinent here to discuss a bit about what VPN is and its various advantages before we go on to talk about how VPN is configured on your iPhone 4S device. VPN is considered the best tool for online protection.

There are numerous other tools like proxy servers, Tor, IP-hiding software, etc, but none of these offer the level of online protection which is provided by VPN. On subscribing to the best VPN connection, a user can browse internet safely without getting anxious about his privacy or information being snooped. What is more, protecting your privacy is imperative if you are connecting your device to internet from public Wi-Fi, etc.

If you are using VPN, you don’t need to scratch your head about security anymore. Such stringent security is ensured by a VPN because it connects your system through an encrypted tunnel to a remote server usually based in another country.

All data moving through the tunnel is encrypted. No unauthorized or unencrypted data can enter the tunnel. As a result, your information and privacy remain secure no matter from where you access internet on your iPhone 4 S device. Apart from using tunnelling technologies, users are assigned a new IP address generated from a remote server located in another country.

Consequently, you can browse internet anonymously without anybody knowing about you. What is more, VPN can also help users in internet censoring countries like Kuwait, China, Saudi Arabia, etc, to access their favorite websites by beating the security of local firewalls.

Configuring VPN on iPhone 4S

You can avoid manual iPhone VPN configuration by simply downloading & installing an easy simple and one click iPhone VPN App. This App lets you connect to the VPN by simple putting in your username and password. This iPhone VPN client also offers you the freedom to choose the server location of your choice based on your intended use for the VPN application

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Now let’s get back to the point from where we started. In terms of steps, it is like configuring VPN on any other device. Follow the instruction given below to set up VPN on your device:

  1. Go to the iPhone Settings icon.
  2. The next step would require you to select General.
  3. In this step, you must select Network.
  4. After choosing Network, you will select VPN.
  5. Here, you would find the field, “Add VPN Configuration”. Select it and provide all the relevant details to set up your VPN connection.
  6. In this field you will select PPTP. This is the most commonly used VPN in iPhone though L2TP is also used. Setting up L2TP is also same as PPTP except it has got one additional feature requiring a shared key provided by your VPN provider.
  7. In this step, you just need to add your VPN configuration as provided by your VPN provider.
  8. In the Description field, you have the choice to select a Name for your VPN Connection.   It can be any Name you choose to use like
  9. As for selecting the Server name, it is mandatory to choose the one provided by your VPN service provider. It might look like “” but the actual server name will be different.
  10. Like server name, details like Your Account Name and Password will also be provided by your VPN service provider.
  11. After filling the previous three fields, you will need to turn your RSA Secure ID to Off.
  12. Select your encryption level to Auto and turn “Send All Traffic” to “ON”.
  13. Now that you have provided configuration details. Save your settings and return to Home menu of your iPhone.
  14. Now after pressing Settings, you will find VPN Slider Tab added to your settings just under the Wi-Fi Tab.
  15. By turning it to ON. You are ready to browse internet using the protection of VPN.

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