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VPN App for iOSBy PureVPN

VPN App for iOS protects your iOS device like never before. Be Secure, Protected & Anonymous online.
  • Encrypt your web browsing, email and iOS apps
  • Protect your iOS device at Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Access blocked websites
  • Protect your IP address
  • Prevent Geo-targeting and location identification

What People Think About PureVPN
Thank you Amoiz for your help, your patience and your support. The problem is solved and we're ready to go! take care.
Gita - India
What People Think About PureVPN
Thank you PureVPN, you are the best, I'm from one of the islamic countries in middle-east and islamic regime blocked lots of news websites. I'm so happy to use.
IR - Kuwait
What People Think About PureVPN
Very good support, i've changed packages and installed it on my ddwrt. Speeds are as they should be. WIll be a loyal customer.
Larsbjerg - Germany

The very first screen that you will see after running the App is Dashboard. The PureVPN super hero is a symbol that shows your connection with PureVPN. If it is blinking you are connected and if it is not then you need to connect again.

This screen comprise of the following features,
  • Change server.
  • Live support 24/7.
  • Change settings
  • Upgrade or review subscription

Home Screen
Here you are looking to the next screen. It will show you, the real IP you hold, given to you by your ISP.

If you are new to PureVPN iOS App and want a tutorial to know "How to connect" then tap to the first option "Show me how to connect" and a complete tutorial guide for all the available options will open in front of you.

If you know the process and good to go ahead then 2nd option will be the right choice for you.

Country Selection
PureVPN, leading VPN service, unlike others host and manage its own servers in 22 countries. So, each user of PureVPN can get the benefit of free unlimited switching among countries.

This screen shows you the option to select your desired country server by Country option.
  • All 22 countries listed with their respective servers.
  • Select the country and then scroll down to select the server.
  • Select the protocol (PPTP or L2TP) by moving the tab according to security and speed requirement.
  • Tap to "Next" to go ahead

Purpose Selection
In case you are not sure of country selection that best suits you requirement and confuse which country to select then select the purpose option. This option will help you to detect the best server for your requirements.
  • Listed almost every possible purpose in this option
  • Select the purpose and it will highlighted, tap the "Select" button afterwards.
  • Select the purpose and select protocol PPTP or L2TP by moving the button right or left
  • Tap to "Next" to go ahead

Use VPN with ease
Download PureVPN iOS APP Now!!

At any instance if you stuck with the settings or downloading, our 24/7/365 customer support is there to help you anytime. To get live friendly support anytime 24/7 this is the option to select. Support option is given at the top bar of the Dashboard screen. Tap to the Support and a screen will open in front of you with three options.
  • FAQ's to answer your Service related questions
  • Ticket Support, if you want to leave a comment
  • Live Chat, for quick resolution you can always contact to our support team through live chat.

Setting option carries different features. It is not the setting of your VPN connection or iOS App but it will show you three options once you tap on it. These options are,
  • Upgrade or renew option is available for registration for both new and existing users.
  • Refer and Earn that is a splendid option by which you can make some extra cash. Refer a friend and if your friend converted into PureVPN customer then you will earn cash.
  • VPN for other devices, if own other devices running different OS then this is the best option to get more details of PureVPN on other OS.

Upgrade Connection
By using this option user can subscribe you for PureVPN services. You can check all available packages of PureVPN on this screen with their validity duration and price.

If you subscription is about to end or you have not subscribe yet, then go to Review and Upgrade option and select the pricing plan that best suits you.

For subscription you need to check the appropriate option and click the Subscribe button.

The next screen will ask you to provide your name, email address, password and phone number and then registered.

Use VPN with ease
Download PureVPN iOS App Now!!

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