Why Do You Need A Fast VPN?

A fast VPN will bridge the gap between you and the content you wish to access without any lag.


Worried about restrictions imposed on streaming networks and continuous lag? Worry no more since PureVPN’s self-optimized servers are designed to provide fast and exceptional speed.


PureVPN’s efficient and self-engineered global network or servers provides users with reduced network latency, so you don’t have to face any slow downloading and uploading speeds.

Upload Speeds

Most internet connections are designed to download much faster than they upload. Interestingly, when connected to PureVPN, you achieve phenomenal upload speeds which help in uploading files to your drive and share files instantly.

Download Speeds

Redefine your internet experience with PureVPN’s fast VPN and get extraordinary downloading speeds, giving you the ability to share and receive files from others instantly.

ISP Throttling

Many Internet Service Providers deliberately slow down your internet connection to avoid network congestion. PureVPN helps you bypass any throttling activity, giving you a smooth and fast internet connectivity.

One-Click Connectivity

With PureVPN’s Smart Connect functionality, you’re just one step away from accessing a world of endless boundaries on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac app

What Makes PureVPN
The Fastest VPN In The Industry?

With numerous VPN providers claiming to be the best ones, here’s how PureVPN stands out from the rest:

Highly Optimized Servers

PureVPN’s servers are specifically optimized for speed, with every server supporting a 1Gbit connection.

Global Network

PureVPN packs a global network of 2,000+ servers based in 140+ countries, providing uninterrupted internet connectivity.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Make use of limitless bandwidth and download files, software, games and stream TV shows, movies and share documents without any restrictions.

Defeat ISP Throttling

Overcome ISP throttling with PureVPN’s robust mechanisms that work around-the-clock, helping you overcome restraints that slow down your internet connection.

Ultra-Fast Speed

With self-optimized and self-engineered global network of servers, PureVPN delivers blazing-fast browsing, streaming, downloading and uploading speeds.

Access Any Website

Safely bypass restrictions and get immediate access to any and all websites whether local or international, right on your device.

Why PureVPN is Regarded as
The Best Fast VPN?

The fast-paced world requires a fast speed internet connection. PureVPN tested its servers in the following location to determine their network speed.

The test concludes the latency and download speed based on their geo-location.

Location Base Speed Latency Download
United States 200 Mbps 1 ms 183 Mbps
Canada 350 Mbps 38 ms 310 Mbps
Brazil 1 Gig 20 ms 830 Mbps
United Kingdom 500 Mbps 22 ms 390 Mbps
Netherlands 500 Mbps 49 ms 320 Mbps
Germany 1 Gig 1 ms 892 Mbps
Singapore 100 Mbps 33 ms 50 Mbps
Australia 1 Gig 10 ms 896 Mbps

*Disclaimer: The results of the test may vary for you as the latency and download speed depend upon your internet bandwidth speed and geo-location.

Fast VPN Protocols

PureVPN provides unparalleled online privacy and security to its users with the help of robust protocols that are known for delivering exceptional streaming and security capabilities.

  • PPTP

    Point-to-Point Tunneling protocol provides fast speed to audio, video and streaming devices.

  • IKEV

    IKEV protocols provides exceptional online security against malware, hackers and cybercriminals.

  • L2TP

    L2TP is a balanced protocol which provides adequate security and browsing functionality.

  • Automatic

    PureVPN’s smart application automatically chooses a fast and secure protocol for you depending on your requirement.

  • SSTP

    Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol delivers top online security, compromising on internet speed.

How to Setup Fastest VPN Service

Setting up the fastest VPN service on your smart device has never been this easy. Learn how:

Download Our App
Connect To The Server Of Your Choice
  1. Sign up for PureVPN.
  2. Download our apps (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Android TV, Firestick and more).
  3. Connect to the server of your choice or it will be chosen automatically.

Protection From The Moment
You Connect

With numerous VPN providers claiming to be the best ones, here’s how PureVPN stands out from the rest:

IP Address Masking

The fastest VPN masks your original IP address by letting you choose from a pool of 88,000+ IPs.

Anonymous Browsing

Because you’ll be connected to different IP addresses, you can browse the web anonymously.

DNS Leak Protection

PureVPN uses specialized servers to prevent your DNS from leaking your IP while you browse online.

IPV6 Leak Protection

While IPV6 leaks can be a problem, PureVPN’s specialized features prevent all leaks from happening.

Protection contre les fuites Web RTC

Secure your online communications by preventing WebRTC leaks with the fastest VPN service.

Ad blocking

Browse the web ad and headaches free; save bandwidth and speed up website loading time.