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BBC iPlayer Tips, Tricks, and Hacks You Need to Know

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Since its launch in 1922, BBC has remained one of the most trending content services and a reputed name for live broadcast and entertainment-based video content. Around a decade ago, BBC launched its finest product, BBC iPlayer – a streaming service for the people living in the UK.

BBC iPlayer is loaded with all forms of content; TV shows, movies, live TV, Radio, and much more is available to stream right away. These and other handful features can make your streaming experience amazing if you know how to make use of all the BBC iPlayer tips and tricks.

Spice up your streaming experience with these BBC iPlayer tips, tricks, and hacks.


BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. If you are living in the UK, there is nothing to stop you from getting your hands on this amazing service for free. However, if you try to stream the channel from outside the UK, you will not be able to access BBC iPlayer so easily. Every time you open the BBC iPlayer website, you will be greeted with a geo-restriction error, saying “BBC iPlayer only works in the UK”.

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BBC iPlayer Tips

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Sign up for BBC iPlayer

Previously, this was a choice, but now it has become mandatory. By signing up for free, you can get instant access to many extra features and content that may otherwise be inaccessible. Why miss on something amazing if you can get your hands on it for free? It doesn’t even take a lot of time to sign up.

When you sign up, you will be asked to provide your postal code and declare if you have a TV license. Some streamers living outside the UK get worried and fear that providing incorrect information can lead to consequences. Let’s all be very clear on this one, you are safe even if you provide incorrect information.

BBC only collects your postal code so that it can show you relevant and local content in your feed. As for the TV license, it only collects that information and does not verify it, at least not yet. So you can sign up from anywhere in the world, without having to worry about any repercussions.

Program Information

It’s infuriating if you lose track of what episode number you were on in the middle of a TV series. It’s also annoying to not know how many minutes of a video have you seen, and how much more time do you require to complete the current video.

Say goodbye to these little turnoffs just by hovering your cursor to the extreme bottom of the screen to reveal a not-so-secret menu. Here, you will see info that will definitely help you out. This info can include the first airing date, viewing time, total duration, and additional functionality that can help with navigation.

Watch Shows in HD

Until a few months ago, the default option was SD (standard definition). If someone wanted to view the content in HD, they needed to precisely select the particular option. Now, BBC has made it the other way round. As internet speeds have continued to increase around the UK, the new default for BBC iPlayer streaming quality is HD.

If you have an unstable internet connection or a low bandwidth, your player will automatically switch to SD. Once it has set itself to SD, it won’t revert back to HD, even when your internet connection stabilizes. It takes a few seconds to ensure that the HD option is selected so that you can get a finer streaming quality and a better streaming experience.

Use Series Record

This is by far, the best feature for streamers who like to stream on the go. In most cases, people end up consuming their precious data while streaming on the subway or at a café. When you turn this option on, all the selected programs will be downloaded automatically to your device.

To activate this feature, just head on to the settings menu and turn on the “series record” option. Once you do that, all of the selected programs will be downloaded on your device in the background. Once they have been downloaded, you can watch them without having to connect to the internet.

Clear Viewing History

We all get distracted by streaming services and the content they bombard us with. At times, streamers become tired of watching the same genre of content, so end up exploring new titles. This gesture of curiosity may force you to regret your decision of trying to watch something new.

When you watch a new title, unrelated to your interests, suggestions on your homepage will get messed up. You will start seeing irrelevant content on your homepage, and naturally, you start missing your old feed and its suggestions instantly.

Like any internet browser, you can clear your history from BBC iPlayer too. The best part is that you can choose which items you want to remove from your history so that you don’t lose your other content preferences.


Some people love the UK for the accents that people have; they sound humorous and polite at the same time. Meanwhile, some people actually find it difficult to make sense when a person from the UK is talking. For this, there are subtitles. This comes as a simple turn on/turn off option on BBC iPlayer.

The subtitles are only 99% accurate. That’s is because they are auto-generated via a bot. There would be times when you would spot a mistake, or when the subtitles might not make sense. However, most of the times, they’d be way more helpful for you than what you expect it to be.

Get Notifications

Stay in touch with what you love. Provide BBC iPlayer with your personal details such as your email address to get notified every time there is a new episode available that you would want to see, or a new movie that matches your taste.

Now, we all know that notifications can get a bit annoying. At times, they just don’t stop pouring in! There is a fix for this too. Just head over to the settings menu from your home screen and click notifications. From there, you can customize what type of notifications you want to receive.

BBC iPlayer Tips

Final Word

BBC iPlayer provides great content – period. With these BBC iPlayer tips, tricks, and hacks, you can make the most out of your free BBC iPlayer account and enjoy watching BBC iPlayer abroad.

Just connect to PureVPN and access BBC iPlayer instantly.

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