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Best Shows on BBC iPlayer

All the shows that are currently airing on any of the BBC Network channels such as BBC One and BBC Two get uploaded on the online streaming platform too. The content library is diverse and has quality content that would definitely be of interest to you.

Trending TV Shows on BBC iPlayer

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With more than 11 Emmy nominations, Fleabag is one of the best comedy series you can find on BBC iPlayer. It takes a unique perspective by allowing the viewers to be a part of the show. The protagonist, Fleabag, regularly looks at the camera and talks to the viewers – something we rarely see on screen.

Fleabag talks about many social issues such as feminism, women empowerment, suicide, depression, friendship, and much more. It has released two seasons so far, and the 3rd season is expected to be released sometime around the early 2020.

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Killing Eve

Security operative Eve Polastri is obsessed with a serial killer, Villanelle. The serial killer is equally obsessed with Eve too. A chain of events leads both women closer to each other, both of them trying their luck to win the race of survival.

Killing Eve features Sandra Oh, famous for her lead role in Grey’s Anatomy. It has released two seasons so far and a third season is currently in production.

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Our Girl

The war in Afghanistan is the most recent ones that veterans and those who love the army can relate with. Our Girl takes a toll at this theme by introducing a new girl to a crew already serving in Afghanistan. Deployed as a Combat Medical Technician, Molly.

To keep surviving and doing her duty, Molly needs to do everything she can. She needs to learn fast and be brave enough to face the harsh war that is already wrecking the army’s morale.

BBC iPlayer is Only Available in the UK

Even though it’s a free service, you can only access it if you are within the UK. Outside the UK, you won’t be able to access it due to regional limitations and censorship.

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Who Needs a VPN for BBC iPlayer and Why?

Frequent travelers face this issue more often, every time you travel outside the UK, you will lose access to region-restricted streaming services such as BBC iPlayer. This is because BBC iPlayer is accessible only from within the UK but restricted for access from any other country.

To access BBC iPlayer instantly, connecting to a premium streaming VPN service such as PureVPN is the easiest way. Once you connect to PureVPN, you can change your virtual location from your current region to the UK and access BBC iPlayer instantly.

UK nationals living outside their country in pursuit of better careers and business opportunities remain unable to access services such as BBC iPlayer. Due to regional limitations and censorship, UK nationals with valid BBC iPlayer subscriptions cannot access the service from other countries.

When accessing BBC iPlayer from other countries, connect to PureVPN, and change your location from your current location to the UK. Once connected, you will be able to access BBC iPlayer easily.

BBC iPlayer has got some of the most distinct TV shows, movies, documentaries, and many other video entertainment related contents which is hard to find on any other streaming platform. Many shows hosted on the popular British streaming network are BBC originals, which are quite high in demand.

If you are looking for ways to access all the unique content on BBC iPlayer, connect to PureVPN and select BBC iPlayer from popular websites. Once connected, you can access BBC iPlayer freely from anywhere in the world and enjoy all the uniqueness it has to offer.

When you connect to an ordinary VPN service that is not optimized for streaming, the chances are that your bandwidth will reduce and your streaming will stutter. With PureVPN, you can enjoy a completely lag-less and buffer-free streaming experience, all thanks to the amazing feature, split tunneling.

Split tunneling allows you to pre-determine which websites you want to access via VPN and which ones you want to access without. This way, you can retain your speed, boost up your streaming device’s performance, and enjoy the ultimate streaming experience that you deserve.

PureVPN makes you completely anonymous online. It allows you to keep your activities invisible from your ISP and regional internet monitoring authorities. When you become, invisible online no one can limit or restrict your online activities and prevent you from accessing content that you like.

When connected to PureVPN, you can access any restricted service such as PureVPN with complete peace of mind and stay safe from all online limitations and restrictions.

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Best VPN for BBC iPlayer: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions about BBC iPlayer and PureVPN, and how the two can work wonders for you.

There can be various reasons why your BBC iPlayer is not working. The issue can be quickly resolved by altering the VPN and BBC iPlayer settings.

No. BBC iPlayer only requires your name and credit card information for billing purposes and your TV license as a legal requirement. These details are only stored on your profile and not cross-referenced unless legally required for a specific user in case of ongoing investigation.

The content on the channel is licensed by multiple TV networks from across the world. These licenses disallow BBC from broadcasting its content in regions other than the UK. Using a good BBC iPlayer VPN, such as PureVPN, allows you to watch BBC iPlayer from abroad.

No. You’ll have to subscribe to BBC iPlayer separately if you want to access its content live online. PureVPN only provides you with the gateway to access the channel even if you’re outside the UK. It also helps eliminate speed throttling issues.


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