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What Makes PureVPN’s Affiliate Program a High Paying Affiliate Program?

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Affiliate MarketingWhat Makes PureVPN’s Affiliate Program a High Paying Affiliate Program?

It has been a decade since the dawn of PureVPN, and ever since then we have introduced innovations, thrashed competition and enjoyed immense success. The reason we are so successful is not just because of the quality of service we provide, but also the constant care we offer to our users.

Our aim is to build an everlasting relationship with our users, and we go above and beyond to build and reinforce that bond. To do that, we offer users, bloggers, and marketers an opportunity to grow with us by being a part of PureVPN.

How do we do that? Simple, by offering a high paying VPN affiliate program!

This way we bring in more hands to our platform to contribute to the growth of our brand, and while they are at it, they get to enjoy the profit that we share equitably among our affiliates.

Why is a VPN Affiliate Program the Best Affiliate Program?

Be it a blogger, running a tech blog on technological advancements or a tech review website that provides genuine feedbacks; most readers will have concerns about their internet security, online privacy and internet freedom.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are considered one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the affiliate marketing industry. The online security industry, particularly the VPN sector enjoys some of the highest conversion rates.

What makes PureVPN extra special is its brand value and popularity that helps you get the highest conversion rate possible. Simply put, you enjoy highs earnings per click.

You must be wondering, why so?

Most Demanded SaaS Product

Due to the deterring situation of online security and privacy industry on a global level, more and more people are looking for solutions that can help them protect their data from increasing threats, including surveillance and attacks. As a result, they turn to a VPN service.

Global Appeal

Since the internet has already taken the entire world by storm, users from all around the globe are concerned about their online security and privacy. This is the reason why VPNs have become a service that is demanded and supplied at a global level.

This translates into you having a big audience to cater and ultimately reap huge earnings. In fact, PureVPN alone has a satisfied user base of around 1 million plus users. With cutting-edge features like Dedicated IP, DDoS protection, and Secure Remote Access, PureVPN becomes the ideal solution for general internet users to gamers to businesses.

Highest Earnings

Perhaps, the best thing that makes a VPN a high paying affiliate program is the commission it offers, which is also recurring. Whenever you make a sell, you will get a commission. And since VPN services come in monthly and yearly packages and users renew the services as and when they expire, you will earn commissions on every renewal.

Why You Should Join PureVPN’s Affiliate Program

PureVPN’s goal is to offer “Complete Internet Freedom with Encrypted Online Privacy and Security.” In a nutshell, our aim is to give internet users the wings to fly and explore the digital world as they please, without any hurdles or limitations.

With the growing problems of geo-restrictions imposed by countries or an ever-present fear of online security and privacy breaches, Internet users feel stuck and infuriated. They can’t stream their favorite content, and they can’t make online transactions due to security breaches, they can’t surf a website without having a constant fear of being watched by hackers, spies or third-party agencies alike.

PureVPN Affiliate Program

PureVPN gives users an easy-to-use solution that allows users to hide their online presence completely and enjoy complete internet freedom when they want it and from wherever they want.

If you are an internet security and privacy blogger and are running a blog to educate your audience on how they can best protect their online identity and data, then we are on the same ship.

Come and join PureVPN’s high-paying affiliate program, help us to this mutual goal and make huge bucks in return for your efforts.

Here are some benefits of joining our affiliate program:

Partner with a Trusted Brand

Did you know that PureVPN has been ranked as the Top 10 best VPN services? We have over a million plus satisfied users who love our service and our dedicated customer support. Plus, we conduct periodic conversion optimization tests to help our conversions touch the highest possible mark, which means more sales for us, and more profit for you!

Withdraw Earnings via Multiple Modes

We understand that some affiliates don’t have access to popular payout services like PayPal, which is banned or not available in some countries. Likewise, there are many other services that you can’t access due to such problems. For your convenience, PureVPN provides payments through bank transfer as well, besides other payment options.

Enjoy the Highest Profit Plus Recurring Commissions

We are proud to say that we offer the best high paying affiliate program in the industry. Your commissions on every sale you bring to us are relatively higher than others. Plus, with a recurring commission as an added benefit, you are sure to make huge earnings on every service renewal.

Get Tailored Banners & Landing Pages

When you join our best VPN affiliate program, you don’t have to do anything other than placing our banners or textual links on your blog and making earnings out of it.

We have an in-house team of experienced designers who can deliver affiliate banners and even landing pages that will be tailored as per your blog’s theme or UI guidelines.

Manage Progress with an Affiliate Dashboard

PureVPN provides a truly transparent high-paying affiliate program. When you work with us, you can always keep a complete tab on how many sales your affiliate links are generating and how much commission you have earned so far.

With our advanced affiliate dashboard, you can easily manage and monitor your sales and earnings.

Get Notified Ahead of Special Promotions

Christmas season, Black Friday deals and Cyber Mondays are among the many occasions when we get to generate a record number of sales. Get notified of the seasonal deals and special promotions ahead with our smart affiliate notifications.

Get Help from Affiliate Managers Directly

Don’t know who to ask for customized affiliate banners? Want an expert’s help to optimize the funnel the best possible way? Get immediate solutions to such problems and much more with our dedicated team of affiliate managers that works round-the-clock.

Become a Top Affiliate & Avail Special Offers

There’s a special treat for our top performing affiliate marketers! We reward increased commissions and a whole lot of other perks and benefits to our affiliate marketers who have a history of topping our affiliate chart by bringing more sales.

With added rewards, we enable you to earn more than you could ever ask for.

The Best High Paying Affiliate Program – Commission Breakdown

As we have mentioned earlier, developing trust and a meaningful bond are what we always strive for. You get a commission on your first invoice, bonuses other than commissions for extraordinary performers and a flexible Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) model.

Best PureVPN’s Affiliate Program, PureVPN High Paying Affiliate Program

To keep that trust, we have kept our affiliate program as transparent as possible. Check out the commission breakdown you can avail by becoming a part of our VPN affiliate program.

Commission on the First Invoice

We understand that generating your first affiliate sale can be stressful and sometimes downright discouraging if the profit isn’t worth the efforts. To reward you for your efforts and keep your interest alive, we pay you with highest commissions on your first sales.

  • You will be rewarded with 100% commission on your first invoice for the 1 Month Plan
  • For driving your first sales for the 6 Month & 12 Month Plan, you will be given 40% commission

Commission on Recurring Sales

You want to make more profit, and we want to make more sales. To achieve that mutual goal, we provide our affiliates with recurring commissions. Whenever a user renews our PureVPN subscription, an added commission is rewarded to the affiliate who brought the sale.

You will be rewarded with an added 35% commission on every renewed subscription for our 1-Month, 6-Month and 12 -Month Plan.

So, are you ready to join our huge list of 50000+ affiliate members? Are you willing to make over $10k monthly earnings? Join the PureVPN affiliate program today!

PureVPN PureVPN is a leading VPN service provider that excels in providing easy solutions for online privacy and security. With 6500+ servers in 78+ countries, It helps consumers and businesses in keeping their online identity secured.

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