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How to Communicate Safely on the Dark Web Chatroom

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PUREVPNHow to Communicate Safely on the Dark Web Chatroom

The dark web is a huge anonymous network that can be exciting and dangerous. It’s a space where people can communicate and exchange information without fear of censorship or surveillance. But it’s also a space where criminals and malicious actors thrive. If you’re looking to use dark web chatroom, taking the necessary precautions to communicate safely and protect your identity is essential. 

In this article, we will discuss how to communicate safely on dark web chat rooms, and by following these guidelines, you can safely and responsibly use dark web chatroom to communicate with others while minimizing your risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime.

dark web chatroom

Why do people use the dark web?

The dark web has gained a reputation for being a hub of illegal activity and criminal enterprises, but it is also used for legitimate purposes by a diverse group of people.

Research purposes

The dark web is also home to various forums and communities that discuss topics ranging from politics and religion to science and technology. If you are into research mode, you can access these communities to gather information and insights unavailable on the surface web.

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Illegal activities

The anonymity and security offered by the dark web also make it attractive for people looking to buy or sell illegal goods and services, such as drugs, weapons, and stolen data. While most users on the dark web are not engaged in criminal activities, these illicit activities have given the dark web a negative image.

What are the risks involved with the dark web?

The following are the risks involved with the dark web:

Exposure to malware and viruses

Many websites on the dark web are designed to infect visitors’ computers with malicious software, which can compromise your data, steal your identity, or even take control of your device.

Potential for scams and fraud

The anonymity offered by the dark web makes it easier for scammers to operate without fear of detection or legal consequences. People looking to purchase illegal goods or services may risk being scammed or ripped off by immoral vendors.

Cyber attacks

The dark web is a popular destination for cybercriminals looking to buy and sell stolen data, such as credit card numbers and personal information. If you accidentally share your personal information or have weak passwords, you may find yourself at risk of identity theft and other types of financial fraud.

Web of criminal activities

The dark web is also home to various criminal enterprises, such as drug trafficking and human trafficking. Users who engage in illegal activities on the dark web may be at risk of being caught by law enforcement agencies, which can result in severe legal consequences.

Things you require for safe communication on the dark web

Using the dark web for communication requires specific tools to ensure privacy and security.

Use the Tor browser

The Tor Browser is the most popular tool for accessing the dark web. It is a web browser that allows users to access websites on the dark web securely. The Tor Browser encrypts your online activity and routes it through multiple servers, making it difficult for anyone to track your online activity.

Is Tor enough to protect you on the dark web?

  • Your internet traffic is sent through the Tor network when using the Tor browser. This network is run throughout the world in nodes. 
  • The Tor browser sends your internet activity through three nodes, each adding a layer of encryption. Even though this makes Tor secure, it could be more foolproof. 
  • Your data could be at risk when it leaves the exit node.
  • Once your internet activity leaves the Tor exit node and goes to the website or service you’re using, it’s no longer protected by the Tor network.
  • This means it could be seen by hackers or other people who are spying on your activity. 
  • So you’ll need added protection like a VPN on the dark web even when using the Tor browser.

Use a VPN

A VPN is an essential tool for accessing the dark web securely. 

  • Creates a private connection that routes your internet traffic through a server.
  • Hides your IP address and encrypts your online activity.
  • Protects your identity and location by masking your IP address, making it difficult for anyone to track your online activity.

Which VPN should you use?

After knowing the importance of using a VPN on the dark web, you must be wondering which VPN you should use to easily hide your IP address and stay hidden on the dark web; for this, we recommend using a premium VPN service like PureVPN that can provide you not only a secure connection by concealing your IP address but also provides the following benefits for added protection.

  • Hides your IP address from hackers, third parties, and your ISP.
  • Rock solid data encryption for added security.
  • Provides high-speed internet even when Tor slows down your connection.
  • Prevents ISP throttling and provides unlimited bandwidth.
  • DNS leak prevention.
  • Safety on public WiFi connection with the dedicated IP address.
  • Internet Kill switch to stay anonymous even if you lose your internet connection.

Sign up for a secure mail service

When using the dark web, keeping your personal information private is important. To do this, you should use a secure and anonymous email service.

What are some secure email services?

Onion Mail

Onion Mail is a website that lets you send anonymous emails on the hidden web. 

  • To make a new Onion Mail account, you need to download it first. 
  • Then, you will see a message that says, “To create a new OnionMail account, click HERE.”
  • Now you can create your account by clicking on that link.

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) 

PGP is a popular encryption tool allowing users to encrypt emails, files, and documents. PGP uses public and private key pairs, ensuring only the intended recipient can read the message.

Use a messaging app with end-to-end encryption

People use messaging apps like WhatsApp and iMessage more than email to communicate on both the surface and the dark web. These apps are often used to send sensitive information, so choosing a messaging service with strong encryption is crucial if you want to stay anonymous.

Which dark web messaging apps to use?

Wickr Me 

It is a messaging app that is free to use and keeps your messages safe with encryption. You can send messages that will disappear after a certain time. Wickr Me is like Snapchat but more secure. It allows you to send and receive text, pictures, videos, and voice messages.


It is an encrypted messaging app that is very popular and praised by privacy advocates like Edward Snowden. It is a very secure way to send messages. With Signal, you can send text messages and voice messages and chat with groups of people to keep your private conversations safe.


Keybase is a messaging service that lets you send messages without revealing your identity. It keeps your messages safe with end-to-end encryption, a very secure way to protect them. You can use Keybase to send messages on both the dark and surface web.

Safe platforms to use on the dark web

To stay safe when browsing the dark web, it’s essential to use safe websites that provide reliable and secure services. Here are some safe websites to use on the dark web:

The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is a popular directory of links for the dark web that provides a list of reliable and safe websites. It also includes reviews and user ratings to help you decide which websites to visit.


ProPublica is an investigative journalism website that provides in-depth and reliable reporting on various topics. It’s a great resource for staying informed about important issues on the dark web, such as cybercrime and online privacy.


SecureDrop is an open-source platform that allows users to securely and anonymously share sensitive information with journalists and media outlets. It’s designed to protect whistleblowers and ensure their identities and data are not compromised.

Live chat websites for the dark web

Here are some live chat websites to consider when using the dark web:


OnionIRC is designed to provide a secure environment for chatting and exchanging information, and it’s moderated to ensure that users abide by certain rules and guidelines.


Dread is a dark web forum that provides a range of topics for discussion, including news, politics, and technology. It also includes a live chat feature that allows users to communicate with each other in real-time, providing a more interactive and engaging experience.


DarkIRC is a private and secure chat platform on the dark web that provides end-to-end encryption for your conversations. It’s a great option for communicating with others on the dark web while ensuring that your messages remain private and secure.


TorBox is a free email and messaging service on the dark web that provides end-to-end encryption for your messages. It also includes a live chat feature that allows users to communicate with each other anonymously and privately.

Delta Chat

Delta Chat is an encrypted messaging app that allows users to communicate securely and anonymously on the dark web. It’s designed to provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface while ensuring your messages remain private and secure.

Wrapping up

Communicating safely on dark web chat rooms is critical to protecting your privacy and security. To communicate safely, using a secure operating system, a reputable VPN service, and a private and anonymous chat service is recommended.

While communicating on dark web chat rooms can be risky, taking these precautions can help ensure your safety and prevent your identity and data from being compromised. For any assistance regarding VPN, don’t hesitate to reach us via the LiveChat option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do people communicate on the dark web?

People on the dark web communicate using encrypted messaging services and anonymous communication tools to conceal their identity and activity from surveillance and tracking. Some commonly used communication platforms on the dark web include Tor, VPN, secure email services, forums, chat rooms, and marketplaces.

What is the best dark web email?

There are many good options like Proton mail, Onion mail, or PGP that you can use for encrypted emails on the dark web.

Can you use your phone for the dark web?

Yes, using a phone to access the dark web is possible, but it’s not recommended as it may expose your personal information and compromise your privacy and security.

Can you use a free VPN on the dark web?

Using a free VPN to access the dark web is possible, but it’s not recommended. Free VPN services may not provide adequate security or privacy protections and may even sell or share your data with third parties. Also, some free VPN services may have limited bandwidth or speed, making accessing the dark web or browsing its content difficult.

Is the dark web legal?

The dark web itself is not illegal, but it’s often associated with illegal activities such as drug trafficking, weapons sales, hacking, and other criminal activities, and using it to engage in illegal activities can result in severe legal consequences.


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