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Anybody with access to the internet can create false photos or videos of somebody within seconds using deepfake apps. Scary, right?

These days, it’s hard to trust what you come across on the internet. Now, realistic false videos and photos are making it even harder to distinguish the real from the fake. The technology used to create them is readily accessible to the public, and it’s known as deepfakes. 

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about what a deepfake is and the threats it poses. We’re also going to list some of the most popular apps used to make deepfakes and teach you how to spot the use of this technology.

What is a Deepfake?

In simple terms, a deepfake is a video or image manipulated with artificial intelligence to trick you into believing something that isn’t real. While most people use deepfake technology to create memes, bad actors leverage it to spread misinformation more broadly and quickly than ever.

For instance, it can create people who don’t actually exist or show real people doing and saying things they didn’t do or say. Deepfakes make it incredibly easy to create highly deceptive visual and audio content, which means they have the potential to be used for both the good and the bad.

10 Most Popular Deepfake Apps & Software in 2024

Top 10 Deepfake Apps

Every technology comes with pros and cons, and the same is the case with deepfakes.

1- FaceApp


FaceApp lets users transform their photos with AI. It offers a variety of effects, backgrounds, and filters that you can use to alter your appearance

2- Zao


Zao is a face-swapping app that went viral not so long ago. Not only does it allow two people to switch faces but also adds your own face to any video.

3- Reface

Reface is one of the most well-known deepfake apps in the world. It superimposes your face on images, memes, and GIFs using face-swapping AI.


4- SpeakPic


As the name implies, SpeakPic enables users to make their photos speak using AI. Just record or type any text and it will say anything you want.

5- DeepFaceLab


DeepFaceLab is the leading name in deepfake software. The open-source deepfake system can swap faces on video or in images and more.

6- FakeApp


FakeApp is another popular deepfake software that lets users transfer faces in videos with their own or someone else’s.

7- Wombo


An AI-based lip-sync mobile app, Wombo turns selfies into lip-syncing deepfakes. All it takes is uploading a selfie, choosing a song, and the app takes care of the rest.

8- Deepfakes Web

Deepfakes Web

Deepfakes Web is probably the best online deepfake maker. It uses a machine-learning algorithm to face-swap the subject in a video with another.

9- Instagram DeepFake Bot

Instagram DeepFake Bot

Instagram DeepFake Bot is not an app but rather an Instagram bot serving as an account that anybody can use to create deepfakes.

10- Deepfake Studio

Deepfake Studio

Deepfake Studio lets you face-swap yourself into a movie scene, music video, and more. There are infinite face-swapping possibilities as it uses deep learning with facesets.

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Are There Any Benefits of Deepfakes?

Yes, there are a variety of legitimate applications of deepfake technology. For instance, it can be used in movies with cohesive storylines when the actors themselves aren’t available for some unavoidable reason.

Deepfakes are so convincing that they could show characters in their youth or replace characters who have died. However, only time will tell if this technology makes its way to the film industry and replaces CGI techniques.

The fashion retail industry can also benefit greatly from this technology as it has been looking for ways to dress customers virtually. Deepfakes would allow shoppers to see how a particular piece of clothing will look on them before committing to a purchase.

What Risks Do Deepfake Apps & Websites Pose?

Deepfakes have positive uses in industries like film and fashion retail. Despite that, deepfakes are often used for nefarious purposes, such as disinformation attacks, fake celebrity videos, and even election manipulation.

There have also been instances of deepfakes being used in social engineering scams and financial fraud. In 2019, a voice deepfake was used to commit CEO fraud, stealing $243,000 from an unnamed UK company.

These are just some of the  possible risks that deepfakes entail. They can threaten cybersecurity measures, political stability, as well as the reputations and finances of corporations and individuals alike.

How to Spot a Deepfake Photo or Video

Deepfake Photo or Video

So, is it possible to identify a deepfake? Yes! While poorly made deepfakes are usually easy to spot, higher quality deepfakes can be tough to notice. Detection is difficult because of continuous advancements in technology, but there are a number of telltale signs that give away deepfakes. These include:

  • Misaligned and/or blurry visuals
  • Unnatural eye movement, body shape and hair
  • Digital background noise
  • Robotic-sounding voices
  • Abnormal skin colors
  • Bad lip-syncing
  • Awkward body and/or head positioning
  • Odd discoloration and/or lighting
  • Misplaced shadows
  • Less eye blinking

What’s Being Done to Combat Deepfakes?

Considering the serious problems deepfakes videos and photos can lead to on a personal and global level, governments and companies are trying to fight against it with new legislation, rules, and technology.

  • Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have outlawed deepfakes. YouTube is hunting down deepfakes related to the 2020 US presidential election.
  • Research labs are using blockchain and watermarks to detect deepfakes. However, the technology deployed to fool deepfake detectors is ever-evolving.
  • Filtering programs such as Sensity AI and Deeptrace are helping individuals and organizations with deepfake detection.
  • Companies are implementing detection technology, adopting new security protocols, and educating employees about the threat’s nature.
  • The US government is making efforts to tackle the negative uses of deepfakes by introducing bills and states like Virginia, Texas, and California have taken their own steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about deepfake apps:

Are Deepfake Apps Illegal?

Nope. There’s no law that outright bans deepfakes, so you won’t get into any trouble as long as you’re not abusing them. However, if you’re using deepfakes to destroy somebody’s reputation or engage in identity theft, chances are that you’ll face consequences.

Who Invented Deepfake Technology?

A Reddit user by the name of “Deepfakes” coined the term deepfake in 2017. They manipulated Google’s open-source deep-learning technology to create fake celebrity videos and posted them on reddit. The doctored videos were created using a technique known as face-swapping.

How Do I Download a Deepfake App?

If you want to learn more about deepfake technology or simply want to create deepfakes (responsibly), there are many deepfake apps available on all major app stores. Just search for the one you want, install it, and you’re good to go!

Are there any free deep fake apps?

Yes, there are many deepfake apps that you can use free of cost. Some of the most popular ones include Reface, Wombo, FaceApp, and more.

Who created deep fake technology?

The development of deepfake technology is the result of advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and cannot be attributed to a single entity or individual. Instead, technologists, researchers, and developers worldwide have contributed to the evolution of deepfake algorithms and techniques.

Is Deepfake Easy?

Yes, deepfakes aren’t difficult to make in these modern times. You don’t need to be an expert to create deepfake videos or photos as there are many easy-to-use deepfake apps available that get the job done with minimal effort.

If you have any questions, feel free to use the comments section below, and we’ll get back to you!





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