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A Look at the History of Cybercrimes

The Internet is ever-evolving, and so are the threats on the Internet. There is no sure-shot way of predicting the next big threat, but we can have a look at the past and learn from some of most historic cybersecurity events that played an important role in shaping today’s world, and the World Wide Web.

It might be hard to believe for some, but the history of cybercrimes dates back to 1964, when AT&T spied on phones calls, for the first time. Since then, technology has come a long way, both against and for users.

Thankfully, the technology of today has come to the aid of a normal technology user in terms of protecting their privacy, security, and anonymity. The only thing required now is for users to be intelligent and employ technology to safeguard themselves against the many evils lurking in the dark alleys on the internet.

Here’s a look at how cybercrimes evolved with the evolving technology:

History of Cybercrimes

We developed this infographic to shed some light on the yesterday, today, and tomorrow of cybercrimes.

This infographic makes one thing pretty clear: we (the users of technology) are never safe, and we are the ones most responsible for our protection and security. The government, agencies, or companies will not come to our aid, regardless of how serious the situation is.

Just glancing at the history of cybercrimes presented in the infographic above makes it clear that people will continue to abuse and misuse technology for their own vested interests, irrespective of how they negatively affect our or the well-being of our families.


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