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Magicite, The multiplayer RPG published by SmashGames, has received countless praise over the years for its adventurous elements and its indie vibe. 

But, a solid network connection is required to enjoy an uninterrupted gaming session. You can manage this by Port Forwarding Magicite. Here is all you need to know so that you can open ports without hassle.

Requirements – Port Forwarding Magicite

Here is what you need for Magicite server port forwarding:

  • Install Magicite on your gaming system. 
  • Note down your router’s IP address.
  • Also note down the IP address of the device under question.
  • Lastly, collect the  TCP and UDP for Magicite server Port Forwarding.

Port forward Magicite

You can begin opening ports for Magicite once everything is set up. The steps for  Magicite server port forwarding are as follows:

  1. Open up your web browser.
  2. Instead of a URL, type in the IP address of the network router.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Enter the username and password to log in to the settings of the router.
  5. Go to the Port forwarding section.
  6. Enter the IP address of your gaming device in the Port Forwarding window.
  7. Now is the time to enter the TCP and UDP ports required for Magicite port forwarding.
  8. Fill the TCP field as – 7777
  9. The UDP field must be left blank. 
  10. To save these changes, select the Apply button at the bottom.
  11.  If the changes are not reflected, you might need to restart your router.
  12. You can now host your Magicite server to play games with your friends online. Just get them the hostname and the relevant port number i.e, hostname.domain.com:36849.

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A Magicite Ports Needed to Run

You can simply open up ports to attain better connectivity while you play Magicite. Here are the general Magicite TCP and UDP ports:


TCP –  7777 UDP –   –

Quickly and Safely Open Ports Using PureVPN

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How to Open Ports behind CGNAT

Does your ISP use CGNAT to conserve bandwidth? Most ISPs use carrier-grade Network Address Translation to save bandwidth. With the help of this method, different users of the same network can share a single IP address. However, you can find it difficult to open ports on a router that is placed behind CGNAT.

But with a Port Forwarding add-on, you can easily bypass CGNAT and open ports.

Here is further information on utilizing a Port Forwarding add-on to bypass CGNAT in a few clicks.

PureVPN’s Port Forwarding Add-on

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Even if you have prior experience with port forwarding, it can still be difficult to manage. In general, it can be more challenging to change specific instructions when your router’s interface is completely different.

Additionally, due to some security concerns, your ISP or computer firewall may deny your request for port forwarding Magicite.

However, all of these problems still have a fairly straightforward solution. To open ports safely, all you need is a dependable Port Forwarding add-on. With only a few clicks, you can speed up downloads, establish reliable connections, and play video games without interruption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does A Magicite need port forwarding?

Yes, if you wish to play a game like Magicite then you will have to use Port Forwarding because this requires communication with a server external to the network.

Does port forwarding make gaming faster?

It certainly does in most cases. Since Port Forwarding allows for a direct pathway to be set up between a system and a server, it considerably speeds up communication.

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