How to watch Rio Olympics Live Online!

How to Watch Rio Olympics Online

The opening ceremony of Rio Olympics 2016 is just around the corner. The mesmerizing multi-sport event will start in Rio, Brazil, from August 05, and will continue until the 21st of the same month. Considering how exciting the games were previously in London, we have no doubt that they will be a spectacle to behold.

PureVPN agrees with the Rio Olympic motto of “A new world.” We have always been inspired by the Olympic values of Move, Learn and Discover and we try to instill these values in our products, allowing users to move and discover new and exciting stuff from around the world!

For Olympic lovers, we’ve compiled together a guide which would help people from around the globe to watch Olympics live online.

Where to Watch Rio Olympics Live Streaming?

We have summarized a list of online channels broadcasting 2016 Rio Olympics this summer along with some details about their broadcasting schedule:

2016 RIO Olympics streaming guide with information on how to unlock access to streaming channels on any streaming device!

BBC iPlayer: (UK)

BBC iPlayer will bring each and every Olympic moment to the audiences, with more than 2,500 hours of live action across 24 live HD video streams available on the BBC Sport website. These include the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies. The channel is absolutely free for viewers in the UK who can subscribe at any time and enjoy the live action.


NBC networks will broadcast an unprecedented 6,755 hours of coverage beginning from Friday, August 5, to Sunday August 21. The NBC’s coverage will feature the opening and closing ceremonies as well as swimming, gymnastics, track and field, diving, beach volleyball, volleyball, and the men’s and women’s basketball finals. The channel only airs in the US.

Seven Network: (Australia)

Seven Network will showcase 900 hours of Olympic action, including the opening ceremony and all the medal events. Australian viewers can live-stream the broadcast on the network absolutely free.

ESPN: (Brazil)

ESPN will be the go-to destination for Olympic fans this summer. The South-American channel will feature about 12-15 hours of broadcast each day starting from August 05 and ending on 21st of the same month. These include the opening and closing ceremonies as well as all the Olympic action. However, only viewers from Brazil and Latin America will be able to access this channel.

Fox: (Brazil)

Fox Sports features all the Olympic action live on its channels In Latin America. These include the opening and closing ceremony as well as Archery, Athletics, Boxing and all other Olympic sports.

CBC: (Canada)

CBC will offer more than 4000 hours of Olympic live-streaming on its website. The opening and closing ceremonies as well as all the sporting competitions being played in this year’s Olympics. People living in Canada can live-stream the channel for free!

ZDF: (Germany)

ZDF has some very good news for Germans. The network will feature a maximum of 60 hours of Olympics each day on 6 live stream channels. People in Germany can live-stream these channels, which includes the complete Olympic broadcast, absolutely for free!

RTE: (Ireland)

Irish users can watch 3,250 hours of live Rio Olympics on RTE networks for free! The streaming is available in full and on-demand, with the full version containing all the Olympic action including the opening and closing ceremonies.

Star Sports: (India)

Star Sports is also broadcasting Rio Olympics this year. South Asians can live stream the channel and watch games in full action for free. However, the full broadcast of 3000+ hours will not include the opening and closing ceremonies.

RTVE: (Spain)

If you are in Spain, you can live stream Rio Olympics for free on RTVE. The network has the rights to broadcast all the exhilarating Olympic moments this summer.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to your respective regional channel now and enjoy all the Olympics action LIVE!

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