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PureVPN Wins Users’ Heart By Gaining 12K+ Reviews On Trustpilot

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PUREVPNAt PureVPNPureVPN Wins Users’ Heart By Gaining 12K+ Reviews On Trustpilot

Verbal claims don’t constitute users’ trust. You win it by demonstrating that you are worthy of upholding that trust. PureVPN proves that it is the most trusted VPN service by earning stellar feedback from a whopping 12K+ users on the leading review platform, Trustpilot.

PureVPN’s Roadmap To Users’ Trust & Satisfaction


Our dedicated customer-centric approach is the primary reason behind our users’ stellar feedback on not only Trustpilot but also a plethora of other review platforms. It is our customer-first approach that has enabled us to achieve the highest user satisfaction that Trustpilot’s 12K+ reviews rightly reflect.


User satisfaction may just be a marketing jargon for others, but to us, it is the Holy Grail of business longevity. Therefore, we make every necessary effort to ensure that we exceed customer expectations and satisfaction at every step of the way:

  • We conduct surveys all year long, asking users how satisfied they are using PureVPN, or if PureVPN fulfills their desired purposes.
  • Every year, PureVPN’s CEO and co-founder, Uzair Gadit, shoots a CEO Letter email to users, inquiring about any challenges users face and any improvements to the product that can make them fall in love with PureVPN.
  • We have created a dedicated PureVPN ideas panel where users are welcome to suggest their warm to brutally honest feedback regarding PureVPN and suggestions on improvements and feature additions.

We never stop at only listening to our customers’ suggestions. In fact, we take immediate action and make sure that we deliver as fast as we possibly can. It is because of users’ suggestions and growing demands, we have:

  • Upgraded our networks to high-speed 10Gbps network connections.
  • Added more Netflix IPs that now allow accessibility to up to seven Netflix regions, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, and Japan.
  • Added more streaming options to our every growing streaming libraries, such as Disney+, Hulu US, etc.


Another motivating factor behind user trust is transparency. Transparency is the most important gateway through which a company can reflect its highest ethical standards and integrity.

PureVPN has always taken the necessary steps towards utmost transparency in every way possible. Time and again, we have revised our policies to ensure every statement we make is crystal clear, and that there’s no room for confusion.

We improved our privacy policies, guaranteeing users that we don’t keep their data logs under any circumstances. Our utmost confidence in our services can be reflected by the fact that we even asked third-party security and privacy auditor, Altius IT, to audit our systems and configurations. Consequently, we earned No-Log certification that further boosts our guarantee of keeping no data logs and, thus, user trust.

We didn’t stop at that. Transparency should come by default with any business you work with. Therefore, we embedded transparency at the core of our operations, which is why we signed up for a bug bounty program on BugCrowd. The Bug Bounty program enables third-party ethical hackers and pen-testers to tear apart our apps and look for issues so we can fix them as soon as possible.


Trust is best judged during tough times. When you trust someone, you expect them to stay with you and keep supporting you even during the difficult times. The global pandemic, Covid-19, is the perfect example.

While the entire world is crippled due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting economic crisis, PureVPN has never stopped supporting its global user-base. Not only did we shift our entire workforce to remote working, but also we amped up our customer support and live chat services to ensure that customers’ queries are swiftly answered and dealt with.

Moreover, we upgraded our 5 multi-logins feature to 10 devices keeping into consideration the growing number of connected devices at home and the ever-growing necessity for making home and office networks secure.

You And We, Let’s Pave The Way Forward

There’s no us without you. It is you, our valued users, who have enabled us to become better than ever. Your honest feedback and suggestions are the key to many key improvements that have now allowed us to become the most trusted VPN provider in the industry.




November 24, 2022


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