The Trust of Millions, Powered by the Crowd!

PureVPN Has Partnered with Bugcrowd for Added Security Assurance!


What is Bugcrowd?

Bugcrowd, as the name suggests, is powered by a crowd of seasoned professionals in the cybersecurity, pentesting, vulnerability discovery, and bug hunting industry. The platform empowers companies have their products or services torn apart and pentested by the crowd to identify bugs, vulnerabilities and other security threats.


What Will Be Tested by This Program?

Penetration testers at Bugcrowd are invited to look for security vulnerabilities, if any, on PureVPN’s website and in its Windows application, Mac app, iOS app, Android app, Linux app, Chrome Extension and the DD-WRT Applet.


Why Did PureVPN Go for This Program?

Customer trust is what PureVPN strives for. Living up to the trust of our users is of paramount importance to us, and that means we have to make our offerings efficient as well as secure.

By going under the pentesting program, we want our users to rest assured that we will go to every length to ensure that they remain protected, secure, anonymous and free to access the content of their choice without fearing any repercussions.


What Does PureVPN Want to Prove with This Program?

It’s not about proving anything; it’s about being transparent and affording more power and control to the users. As a cybersecurity brand, PureVPN acknowledges its responsibility to protect the privacy and data of its users. PureVPN has taken this step for its users, so they can know how good or bad their trusted brand perform in front of experts bent upon breaking it.


What is the Scope of This Program?

The scope of this program is to make sure that there are no vulnerabilities and loopholes encircling enumeration, information gathering and also vulnerabilities that lead to infrastructure compromise. All offerings by PureVPN, including our conventional web application as well as desktop applications, smartphone apps, router applet, and browser extensions will be tested for vulnerabilities and any other loopholes that can have direct impact on our users and infrastructure.


What Are the Rewards Offered?

The rewards vary according to the vulnerabilities and loopholes discovered. The rewards for this program offered by PureVPN begin at a modest $100 and go up to a generous $1,500. More details about the program can be found at:



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