PureVPN’s Innovative Modes

PureVPN has a rich history of launching updated apps with new innovative features, giving users the best VPN experience possible.

This time around, PureVPN has further improved its modes to make it more convenient for users to select a mode of their choice and conveniently enjoy supreme privacy, internet freedom, share files privately, stream unrestricted content and get remote access.

Here are PureVPN’s innovative modes and their functions:

  • I want to STREAM

​​This mode brings the world of online videos right to your device by giving you the ability to access content at high speed. Also, you stream the online content privately without compromising your security. With unlimited bandwidth capability, you can stream as much content as you wish.


​​We’ve all been subject to online restrictions at some point in our lives. Worry no further about censorships or inaccessible content. PureVPN’s internet freedom mode gives users the ability to browse the internet without any restrictions.

Get unrestricted access to any blocked content on the web by overcoming every type of censorship.


​​Guarding your online presence can be a tough task. However, with PureVPN’s advanced encryption technologies and secure protocols, you get unmatched security and privacy online.

PureVPN employs AES-256-bit military-grade encryption to encrypt all information traveling through and to your device. Secure protocols such as LT2P, IKeV2, SSTP, OpenVPN and PPTP strengthen your online security while 80,000+ IPS make you anonymous.


​​​We all download and share files online. As regular of a practice as it may seem, it leaves traces of our activity and IP at various places online which potentially jeopardizes our security and privacy.

With PureVPN’s file sharing mode, you can safely share files online at rapid speeds without compromising your privacy.

  • I want to use for REMOTE/ DEDI IP

​​The ability to remotely access online content saves us time and is convenient considering you don’t have to by physically present. A dedicated IP is your unique IP address which isn’t shared with any other user but you. This gives you another layer of protection on the web.

We hope these features bring convenience to your online activities. Enjoy the updated apps!

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